Q&A with Eric Sutton

As Locatrix expands globally and we head over to the US, we know we are in safe hands with Eric.

Q&A with Margaretta B

During National Fire Protection Month, we are celebrating the different roles that people play in helping our local communities.

Q&A with Shayne McLaughlin

Former Fire-Fighter and Police Officer

Q&A with Kylie M

Former Firefighter & Support Volunteer

PlanStudio 3.1

New roles/permissions, dark mode, and re-bindable hotkeys!

PlanSafe Update - V457

What's new in the latest version of PlanSafe?

Partners Winning with PlanSafe

Therese and her husband Dean Walker have been running their family business Northside Fire Service for over 17 years.

Locatrix Media Release

Locatrix recognised in the 2022 Gartner® Competitive Landscape: Indoor Mapping report.

PlanSafe Update - V534

What's new in the latest version of PlanSafe?

Q&A with Matthew Henry

Senior Software Engineer at Locatrix. With PlanStudio 3 launched into the universe this May, we thought you might like to hear from one...

Locatrix Welcomes Malinda Denovan

Chief Financial Officer Locatrix are proud to formally announce the appointment of Malinda Denovan CA as Chief Financial Officer who...

PlanStudio 3.0

What's new in version 3.0 of PlanStudio? Watch the full overview below to find out! Major Changes

Locatrix + Pendo

Locatrix is thrilled to announce our partnership with Pendo! Pendo is a Digital Adoption Solution which acts as an in-app guide,...

PlanSafe Update - V445

What's new in the latest version of PlanSafe! FEP-4362 We have given Partner Administrators the ability to delete their own campuses. To...

Briometrix and PlanStudio - Helping the Department of Transport Victoria Improve Accessibility.

At some point in our lives, we have all been challenged by poor accessibility. Whether it be that we are temporarily disabled ourselves,...

PlanSafe Update - V439

What's new in the latest version of PlanSafe! Mandatory Work Areas for Learners Administrators now can now make work areas mandatory for...

PlanStudio Update - V2.6

What's new in the latest version of PlanStudio! New Features Smart Fill Drawing Mode The zone tool has a new "smart fill" drawing mode,...

PlanStudio Update - V2.5

What's new in the latest version of PlanStudio! New Features Custom data field support PlanStudio Now Supports Custom Data Fields...

Visual Asset Management - taking Locatrix's PlanStudio Next Level

Locatrix is a company that has seen significant change, growth and development in a very short time. We are a technology inventor...

PlanSafe Update - V433

What's new in the latest version of PlanSafe! FEP-4264 Added the ability to specify child navigations to use in generated documents. With...

Introducing Cameron Scott

Cameron Scott joins the Locatrix advisory board. Locatrix is delighted to announce the appointment of Cameron Scott to its Advisory Board...

PlanStudio Update - V2.4

What's new in the latest version of PlanStudio! New Features PK-2296 Details now have Adjustable Thickness Hairline thickness is the...

Why create a PlanStudio Digital Twin for your building?

A PlanStudio Digital Twin The collapse of Champlain Towers South in Surfside, Florida on 24 June 2021, is a tragic event that won’t be...

From PlanStudio to PlanSafe partner - Patrick Hall from AFP tells us why he took the plunge

Patrick Hall CEO of Australian Fire Protection was always of great interest to Locatrix when we started out advertising PlanStudio. ...

Indoor Mapping - what is it and why do we need it?

Indoor mapping of buildings is one of the fastest growing and developing markets led by recognised names such as ESRI, Here Technologies,...

Wesley Mission Queensland Story

Locatrix and Wesley Mission Queensland have enjoyed a great working relationship since 2015. Originally hearing about Locatrix (back then...

Townsville Area Health - Case Study

To provide a complete solution for Townsville Area Health, PlanSafe took a whole of business approach, the Account and Project Managers worked with the team of emergency and rescue professionals and safety training experts.

Suncorp - Case Study

Faced with a problem of having a large number of staff across a big geographical spread, Suncorp found that compliance and reporting was becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Suncorp was looking for a flexible and scalable emergency training solution that ensured that they met all the necessary regulations.

Health Industry - Case Study

The Health Industry is one that is required to pass stringent annual accreditation checks and one that emergency situations occur more frequently.

Tas Racing - Case Study

Tasracing upon reviewing their business situation, researched and implemented an online system to induct people, who come with different roles and responsibilities, with the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure they remain safe.

State Government Industry - Case Study

An online system has been developed to induct people, who come with different roles and responsibilities, with the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure they remain safe at hospitals.

Orange County - Case Study

Community resilience is the ability for a population to utilize available while recovering from an adverse situation.

Queensland Children's Hospital - Case Study

The PlanSafe platform enabled Children's Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service to ensure that our staff, volunteers, service partners and contractors had completed their mandatory fire and evacuation training prior to occupying the new Lady Cilento Children's Hospital.

Horse Racing Industry - Case Study

The Governing Bodies of the Thoroughbred, Harness and Dog Racing Industry across Australia provide the strategic direction and funding required to produce quality racing products that meet customer demands in a globally competitive industry.