Australian Compliance Management

Written by
Hamish Thomson
Published on
January 11, 2023

Australian Compliance Management (ACM) has been a Founding Partner with Locatrix for over four years now. Mark Slade, CEO of ACM is not just a believer in the product but an achiever, bringing on over 350 PlanSafe buildings in the past year.  

“It was a breath of fresh air when I first met Andreas and his team at the FPA Conference. I had finally found the product I was looking for, from an organisation that had the same vision as us. The support and collaboration we have received since becoming a partner has allowed us to flourish and grow. John Hummelstad should be proud of the passion that comes through with each interaction we have with his staff. They are a credit to his vision. “
says Mark.


The wonderful thing about ACM is that their staff truly believe that our elder citizens and our children are our most vulnerable, but also our most valuable assets - protecting these assets is their primary goal.  ACM works primarily with the Early Retirement, Aged Care, Child Care, and Early Childhood Education industries.  

For ACM, partnering with Locatrix ensures that their clients have the best tools available to guarantee they never have to face tragedies like the Quakers Hill Nursing Home fire. ACM utilises the Locatrix-developed PlanSafe product to keep people safe in buildings by enabling easy capture and sharing of critical building information for public safety professionals. One of the most significant benefits of taking on the PlanSafe product is the provision of up to date, real time information to local Fire authorities about your building. This information is collected through PlanStudio, which is then made available to first responders via the Locatrix Emergency Services Portal (ESP). Utilising ESP, Emergency Services arrives at the scene will know:

  • The building’s exact location
  • Size of the building
  • Whether it is single or multi-storied
  • The location of the Fire Indicator Panel, fire hose reels, fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fire exits, and all Assembly Areas.

That information, together with the well-trained Chief Warden’s knowledge of precise number of building occupants and any mobility issues, means Emergency Services personnel can be targeted and efficient.

ACM and Locatrix are guided by the same driving force:

“To keep vulnerable people safe in the buildings they occupy.”

Utilising PlanSafe, ACM helps businesses become and remain compliant with all aspects of Building and Workplace Fire Safety. Clients traditionally come to ACM seeking assistance with their Emergency Evacuation Diagrams, First Responder and Warden training, and the development of their Emergency Management Plans. As an introduction to their business, ACM offers those clients an audit of all their Federal, State and Territory compliance requirements in relation to Work Health and Safety, Emergency Management and Fire Safety.

This product also enables our clients to induct, educate and train all employees via an online compliance portal that is tailored and specific to their workplace.  This element of the product is crucial in the current “global pandemic” times we find ourselves in at the moment
says Mark.

Fire Safety training has traditionally been conducted face to face, but when you are delivering care to vulnerable client groups there is increased risk of the spread of infection when you bring external contractors onto your site.  All ACM client fire safety and emergency management training is conducted through the PlanSafe online learning portal which can be accessed by staff and contractors at work or at home, 24 hours a day.

We enjoy removing the complexities of all the varying regulations and provide one simple concise solution that becomes part of the culture and not just a document that hides in a drawer
says Mark.

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