Industry Focus - Logistics

Written by
Hamish Thomson
Published on
December 22, 2022
"Our existing online training over promised and under delivered. Substantially. PlanSafe was a no brainer for us."
Therese Walker, Solutions in Fire Compliance

Solutions in Fire Compliance (SIFC) may be small in stature but don’t be blinded by this. They have seen huge growth in 2022. Therese’s drive to convert people from face to face training and bring them to the world of online training has seen a massive increase in their client base. With a passion for educating people SIFC saw the opportunity for their business to evolve. PlanSafe fits the narrative of the new hybrid work environment across many different industries.

Warehousing being one of them.

We all need to be compliant and fire aware. There are even rules and regulations that we all have to abide by. For some businesses this issue sits in the “too hard” basket. This is where SIFC see the benefit of PlanSafe servicing those that need that help.

Comparing costs of face to face training against that of online training, with the benefits of PlanSafe, Therese has been able to attract even the most difficult to handle and reluctant customers.

Working together with Locatrix's Jamie Eade, Therese has managed to create an attractive package for building and business owners of warehouses. A notoriously difficult industry to price with vast expanses of space compared to the ratio of people who work within them.

A little support from Locatrix and SIFC have been able to win opportunities previously not open to them.

"This system speaks volumes. Everybody I show PlanSafe to, who knows fire compliance, understands why this is such a great thing. It saves them time. Sure, there’s a cost to start with but it saves time in the long run, which converts to money saving for a business. We call PlanSafe the “set and forget” – we set it up and you don’t have to worry about being compliant. PlanSafe takes care of that."

For an industry that has a transient workforce and shift workers it can prove to be quite the challenge to make sure everyone is compliant.

Keeping your business up to date with requirements for fire safety training, PlanSafe tackles these issues head on in a non-evasive way.

Therese has many more of those “challenging” industries in her sights and with the confidence of knowing that SIFC are supported by Locatrix in the background, 2023 is lining up to be a cracker of a year for them.