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Locatrix Welcomes Malinda Denovan

Written by
Hamish Thomson
Published on
May 27, 2022

Chief Financial Officer

Locatrix are proud to formally announce the appointment of Malinda Denovan CA as Chief Financial Officer who joins our business with overall responsibility for the growth and sustainability of Locatrix’s core business and values.

Malinda is a seasoned finance professional with deep experience in the operations and financial structures of emerging growth companies. She has over 20 years’ experience within Big Four consulting, private and public ASX and NYSE listed companies and has dedicated her more recent years to high growth scale-ups. As a Senior Executive she has successfully directed corporates through cross-border and product expansion and is well placed to join the team at Locatrix to assist with the execution and delivery of strategy developed by the Board and the Senior Leadership Team.

However, there is more to this talented CFO than spreadsheets and numbers.

Those who know her well would describe Malinda’s career as a story of hard work, study, altruism, and success.

A determination to succeed, coupled with a career that’s taken her across continents - Malinda’s generosity and warmth of character enables others to be the best version of themselves, and reach their untapped potential. Simultaneously growing and nurturing both a career and raising a family– truly an inspiration to women who follow in her wake.

“I was drawn to Locatrix when I first met John and experienced his passion, vision and energy for the company and its products – his enthusiasm is infectious. I am fortunate to be joining at a pivotal stage and growth of the Locatrix journey.
I see my role here to develop and build a solid foundation in which the company can expand on through good corporate governance while continuing to maintain and strengthen the culture of learning and innovation. We’re here to push boundaries and have fun along the way.
We have a predominately young team, they are keen to learn, and they have provided a great insight into life at Locatrix – it is a culture of fun, creativity and respect. I am excited to be here and work with everyone – we have a great foundation to move forward with”