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How National Storage manages 200+ sites

See how National Storage manages their 200+ sites throughout Australia and New Zealand.


In 2020, National Storage commenced a search for an innovative solution that could address an issue of inconsistent floor plans across their 200+ sites throughout Australia and New Zealand. At the time, their business was facing exponential growth and had no way of keeping accurate and consistent records of their building floor plans. Like most businesses at this time, National Storage was facing numerous challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The changes in customer demands caused them to continue looking into space management solutions while also enabling contactless customer service.

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The Project

Following discussions with National Storage Locatrix suggested the adoption of it's API (Application Programming Interface) integration, which would allow National Storage to add a customisable plan viewer to their website using JavaScript. The SDK (software design kit) manages the loading of plans and allows National Storage to create their own tailored experiences, further enabling them to become more creative with enhancements to the customer experience.

“The need quickly went from accessing basic map technologies to being able to harness all that could be offered with PlanStudio.  Not only do we get maps of all 200+ of National Storage’s sites, but these maps are all interactive, accurate and most importantly, easily accessed and maintained by National Storage – giving us control over our own IP and allowing us to use the data for countless other purposes, including asset unit management, fire and evacuation maps and wayfinding to storage units.”
- Aimeé Sibbald, National Storage

Locatrix Solution

As National Storage and Locatrix worked together to meet the requirements of the brief within the constraints of the product capabilities, additional software development work enhanced a wayfinding function for National Storage, helping their customers get to and from their storage units – a mission that can sometimes be difficult at the larger sites.

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Now that all their facilities are mapped with PlanStudio, National Storage has a consistent system in place to offer wayfinding functionality, as well as maintaining accuracy in understanding their buildings, down to every single unit – an important detail when mapping space for self-storage purposes.  Thanks to PlanStudio, this accuracy is now guaranteed.

“Unit and centre navigation is a critical factor in this business. PlanStudio’s interactive floor plans make this an effortless process and gives us reassurance we are providing our customers and staff with a much more efficient way of doing so. Not only has PlanStudio helped us offer our customers a better move in experience, but it has enhanced their safety inside and outside business hours.”
- Aimeé Sibbald, National Storage

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