PlanSafe Update - V457

Written by
Hamish Thomson
Published on
August 4, 2022

Fixes & Other Improvements

  • FEP-4750: Added the ability to search for a campus to clone when adding a new campus.
  • FEP-4560: Added a filter to Assessment Reports to hide deactivated users.
  • FEP-4769: Added an opaque background to work area legends on the Interactive Plan Viewer for greater visibility.
  • FEP-4895: The load times of training has been improved.
  • FEP-4502: Updating the document category will now retroactively update the expiry date of all documents in that category.
  • FEP-4892: Fixed overlapping elements on some pages.

PlanStudio 3.4

Improved evacuation pathfinding, UI enhancements and more...
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