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What the World is Teaching Locatrix

Written by
Helen Hall
Published on
July 4, 2023

May through to July were important months of learning for Locatrix.  Well established now in Australia, our Sales team headed over to FireX in London and NFPA in Las Vagas in a bid to launch PlanStudio and PlanSafe onto the world stage.

While the UK market is similar to Australia’s the US taught us a fair bit about how we need to address their unique problems.

Cody Ross
“We learned a lot about the type of people within the Fire industry in the USA, about the unique problems that must be solved and the way in which the Fire industry differs between our countries. While there are differences in our legislation, one thing that rings true in that, regardless of the state or the country you are working within, people are need of better information about what is in their buildings, better ways to manage their assets and more importantly how to keep people safe.  Once getting a firsthand look at the Power of PlanStudio, people were in agreement that Geospatially accurate floor plans was a necessary step into a safer and more efficient future”.

Cody Ross, Technical Consultant

I was pleasantly surprised to see the UK Industry’s diversity with many men and women attending FireEx. Both conferences showed a diversity from the perspective of people from different countries that come to FireX and NFPA.  It was great to see that at both conferences, people had already heard of us, both Locatrix and PlanStudio.  They had done their research and wanted to learn more.  People actually came to our stand and requested a demo, we didn’t need to ask.  They sought us out!  Over the past few years in attending Fire conferences globally, one thing is obvious, Tech is here and it must be embraced!”

Andreas Deakin, Exec Manager - Partner Consulting

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of Tech oriented people who were interested to learn more about what we were doing.  It became quite clear that the Australian innovation and tech companies are leaders and at the forefront of the fire safety industry…. Uptick, SimPro et al.  PlanStudio was so easy to demo to the UK market, and what became clear to me is that PlanStudio and PlanSafe can deliver value to our UK partners.  We have products that, after years of development in Australia, are perfectly suited to the changing fire regulatory environment in the UK market. Our technology will help our partners to drive that change to meet the new laws. I wholeheartedly know we can help people solve their problems and streamline their business with PlanStudio and PlanSafe”.

Scott Jackson, COO

There was a moment when I realized that everything we have been working on with PlanStudio over the last couple of years comes to this point, that what we are offering is not smoke and mirrors, it is a real solution for a global issue. I loved seeing people’s reactions when they tried PlanStudio, that it was easy to use, not complicated, but easy to pick up. I felt that technology was welcomed, even more so than here in Australia – there was an open mindedness to what we were doing and how PlanStudio can help and make them better at what they are doing”.

Jayden Truman, Technical Consultant

So all in all, it's safe to say that we will continue to pursue the UK and US markets, in a bid to improve building safety globally.  It goes hand in hand with our new slogan – Keeping people safe with our Kick-ass Technology  by providing Innovative Technology that simplifies the capture of all assets and sharing of critical building information.

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