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Cleaner Data with PlanStudio

Written by
Hamish Thomson
Published on
February 1, 2023
Closing in on Market Gaps

Since joining the Advisory Board at Locatrix Cameron Scott has been looking at ways to leverage the innovative Locatrix platform into the world of facilities management, and corporate real estate services more broadly.  Having learned the capabilities of Locatrix products, and with his background in facilities management, Cameron believes there are gaps in the market for Locatrix to meet and address.

In Australia and Singapore, Cameron has accompanied CEO John Hummelstad and Sales Executive Andreas Deakin in many meetings, discussing how Facility Managers could best use and benefit from PlanStudio, PlanSafe and influence the development of upcoming PlanSight.  As a result, Locatrix cleaning, asset visualisation and emergency management products are now being applied on-the-ground with corporate clients.

200% Productivity Increases + 5% Cost Reduction

“Having now done my due diligence, I can see PlanStudio as a tool with great potential to assist global commercial real estate services companies like JLL to collect asset data for clients more efficiently and effectively. I have not seen anywhere in the market a better way to collect indoor asset data. Using PlanStudio productivity increases by 200% or more.”

“The Locatrix cleaning app for instance, allows for accurate pricing of cleaning services, resulting in a reduction of 10-20% in quoted prices. It can also improve the efficiency of cleaning operations, reducing costs by 3-5%.  These efficiency benchmarks were captured during proofs of concept (POC) completed in the second half of last year. With PlanStudio, it is also possible to incorporate wayfinding into cleaning plans to further increase efficiency”.

Zoning in on the Detail

For each of the POCs, Locatrix’ Cody Ross firstly created the floor plan with PlanStudio and defined zones inside the building which would require cleaning.  The ease of use of PlanStudio, together with the zoning tool enabled Cody to identify space to clean and discount areas such as, walls and space compromised by joinery or furniture.

He could also markup surfaces which require specific attention such as glass partitions and differentiate tiled floors from carpeted floors, providing an accurate square metre measure of each type of space.  Within the mark up Cody also provided detail on the number of fridges, dishwashers, showers, toilets, and other assets requiring cleaning.  Each of these items require specific man-hours in cleaning resource which can now be quantified accurately. The data collected for the POC provided the facility manager and the cleaning services contractor with a clear scope of works for the purpose of both price quotation and day-to-day cleaning operations. 

In What Other Industries Could this Make a Difference?

In looking at other industries where this could be a real game changer, the health and aged care sectors are standout applications after the pandemic put enormous pressure on operational budgets with some providers reporting losses in the hundreds of millions of dollars.  We envisage that by equipping providers with critical asset cleaning information on their indoor space will help them be on the front foot when negotiating cleaning contracts. They will have the right information with which to go to tender rather than asking providers to do their own audit on space and provide a guestimate that then becomes the baseline of contract negotiations.

For example, one client during the POC had previously been quoting on 1,400 sqm of space but once the PlanStudio mark-up was done, it was accurately assessed that 1,100 sqm of space required cleaning and this being just one floor of a building.  That’s 300sqm of uncleanable space being quoted and contracted when it wasn’t required – an immediate saving just by having the right information.

And to think the ability for the facility and building managers to leverage Locatrix’ extensive repository of indoor plans all begins with the humble evacuation diagram.  The good news is, since 2019, Locatrix’ partner network, which now has over 1,000 users, has collected over 60,000,000 sqm of building floor plans with PlanStudio.  All this data collected can help building owners better understand their indoors.  No more guessing!  Only knowing…. 

The possibilities only just start there.

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