PlanStudio 3.3

Written by
Hamish Thomson
Published on
August 23, 2023

New Features

The satellite imagery on the site plan can now be offset.
  • This makes it possible to manually rectify position differences between satellite providers.
  • To access this feature go to the "Adjust Satellite Imagery" option inside the Settings menu within a site plan.
  • Click on the "Adjust" button to enter offset mode, then drag the satellite layer to the desired position. The offset indicator shows the current direction and distance of the satellite offset.
Site plans can now be displayed in the background of floorplans on diagrams.
  • A new option has been added to the Plan Area in the diagram template editor for enabling this feature.
  • The site plan in the background will render the site plan layers specified in the template editor settings.
  • This allows you to display satellite imagery behind floorplans on diagrams.
Libraries can now be overridden while editing a plan.
  • The new Libraries Panel allows you to select an Icon Library, Theme Library, or Network Library for use while editing any plans within a Client.
  • Selecting a library in this panel has no effect on other users or diagram publishing.
  • The number of active library overrides is indicated next to the Library Panel button.
Portal links are now more customisable.
  • A portal tag is an identifier on a portal that can be used by other portals within the same building to link to this portal.
  • Directional links can be established between a portal and any other portals that contain the specified tag.
  • The portal link changes are available for use in the Locatrix world pathfinding API.
  • A new option has been added for selecting the portal type. One-way portals restrict movement through the portal along a single direction, while two-way portals allow movement in both directions.

Other Improvements

  • Icon libraries can now be deleted.
  • Data fields can now be added to rooms.
  • Standalone diagrams on site plans now render the site plan into the Site Plan Area, if present.
  • Data field labels for fixed icons can now be rotated and re-positioned on the sign preview.
  • Data field labels now align themselves to the camera's rotation in the plan editor to avoid upside-down text.
  • Non-empty plans which are not already geotagged are now automatically geotagged when importing a georeferenced image.
  • Improved support for SVG images within plans and diagrams.
  • Improved reliability of syncing.
  • Improved diagram validation during publishing.
  • Improved handling of PDFs in plans.
  • Improved performance when moving large zones.
  • Improved appearance of the status indicator and added better error messages.
  • Added various minor UI enhancements.


  • Fixed a crash when exporting a plan with many unsynced photos on iOS.
  • Fixed a crash when uploading an unsupported file type.
  • Fixed a crash when quick-switching to a plan while in read-only mode.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to align roller doors using Position Alignment snapping.
  • Fixed theme tags not showing in the inspector when multiple entities are selected.
  • Fixed detail lines sometimes changing position when changing the natural rotation of a plan.
  • Fixed the "Back" button not showing in rare cases in the plan editor.