PlanSafe Update - V534

Written by
Hamish Thomson
Published on
June 13, 2022

Improved Responsiveness of PlanSafe on Mobile

PlanSafe Mobile has been updated to offer a more accessible and user-friendly experience when completing your training through a mobile or tablet device. As part of this, support has been expanded to include a greater number of mobile devices.

Pendo Digital Adoption Solution

Pendo is a Digital Adoption Solution which acts as an in-app guide, prompting users with clear and helpful instructions on how to achieve best use out of Locatrix applications. Pendo guides and resources will soon be available in PlanSafe!

Fixes & Other Improvements

FEP-4705: Added Metromap support for the Interactive Plan Viewer

FEP-4745: Significant performance improvements for the Administration Dashboard

FEP-4636: Fixed a rare crash that would occur when deleting a floor plan

FEP-4730: Updated the deactivate link on reminder emails to be more visible

FEP-4558: Removed deactivated accounts from showing in the Quick Learner Lookup