PlanSafe Update - Compliance Dashboard

Written by
Hamish Thomson
Published on
February 23, 2023

Introducing the new and improved Compliance Dashboard!

We know a lot of you love the Compliance Dashboard, and so we know you’ll love the new-look Compliance Dashboard with a variety of new features added to help building occupants better manage their compliance requirements. Whether it be staying on top of all the necessary documentation, making sure that everybody is doing their training or that all relevant information for your sites are collected.


New-Look Front Page

When checking the compliance for a site, or all sites, you will be greeted with the new-look dashboard. This dashboard has several new things for you to look at and interact with:

  • Overall Status Graph – This graph allows you to see the at-a-glance state of compliance for the site(s) you have chosen to view. Clicking on any of the status pieces on that graph will take you to a list of all compliance items filtered to the status you’ve selected.
  • Status By Rule Graph – Similar to the Overall Status Graph, this graph allows you to see the at-a-glance state of compliance broken down into each rule that is enabled for the site(s) you are viewing. Clicking on any of the pieces on this graph will take you to a list of compliance items filtered to the rule you’ve selected.
  • Recent Activity – The recent activity table tracks all changes made to the Premises Information, Documents & Records, and when learners have completed their training.
  • Compliance Status The Compliance Status table has a breakdown of the compliance status for every rule for every site, allowing you to see all items that are compliant, in a warning state, or non-compliant.

Activity Page

The new Activity Page allows you to track changes made and who they were made by that relate to compliance requirements including:

  • When any information in the Premises Information page is added, edited, or deleted.
  • When any of the Documents & Records are edited or deleted, and when new Documents & Records are uploaded.
  • When a learner completes their assigned training.

You are now also able to export a list of all the activity you are currently viewing into a .csv or .xlsx document for external use with your spreadsheet program of choice.

Status Page

The new Status Page allows you to view the status of the enabled rules for each location you have selected. You are able to filter this page to view items that have a specific status, items that relate to a specific rule, or to show only locations that have a specific tag. Much like the Activity Page, you’re also able to export all the status items you are currently viewing into a .csv or .xlsx document.

On this page you are also given buttons beside the status items to take you to where each item can be modified in a new tab.


The new Compliance Settings Page brings some new features that you’ll be able to utilise to get the most out of the new Compliance Dashboard experience.

  • Rules – In the new rules page, you will be able to exclude specified campuses from having a rule. This allows greater customisation over those rules that may not be relevant to some campuses. This page also reference the standards and/or legislation that relate to the rules in AS3745-2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities and the Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008.
  • Notifications – On this new notifications page, you will be able to set up email notifications for any compliance items that are or will soon be non-compliant. You can set these notifications up to be sent out daily, weekly or monthly depending on the needs of the organisation.
  • Tags – Using this page, you are able to categorise campuses with different tags. When viewing the compliance status for your campus(es), you will then be able to filter by the tag to show only those sites that are relevant to you.

Other Improvements
  • We’ve added the ability to make it mandatory for learners to watch videos to progress through the training. For more information, please contact your account manager.
  • We’ve made some improvements to the Premises Information page. This includes:
    • The ability to type in dates instead of using the calendar widget.
    • Added headers to the template downloads.
    • Added headers to the template downloads.
    • Added a search bar to the Responsible Persons table.
    • Improved the resizing behaviour of tables.
    • Fixed some validations that meant some non-mandatory fields required something to be entered once you began adding information.
  • We’ve added an override for the ‘Select your work area’ text when a learner is adding a location to their account for training.

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