Is your Child's School Mapped with PlanStudio?

PlanStudio shares its data with Emergency Services to enrich situational preparedness, will they know how to navigate your child's school?

PlanStudio Maps Down Under with Dreamworld

Dreamworld were one of our first PlanStudio users and have mapped their entire park creating a complete digital thin-twin of the site.

A Unique Focus on One of Our Most Critical Industries - Agriculture

Are you aware that the agricultural and equine sectors have some of the highest injury and fatality rates of any Australian industries?

Health Industry - Case Study

The Health Industry is one that is required to pass stringent annual accreditation checks and one that emergency situations occur more frequently.

Horse Racing Industry - Case Study

The Governing Bodies of the Thoroughbred, Harness and Dog Racing Industry across Australia provide the strategic direction and funding required to produce quality racing products that meet customer demands in a globally competitive industry.

Queensland Children's Hospital - Case Study

The PlanSafe platform enabled Children's Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service to ensure that our staff, volunteers, service partners and contractors had completed their mandatory fire and evacuation training prior to occupying the new Lady Cilento Children's Hospital.

Orange County - Case Study

Community resilience is the ability for a population to utilize available while recovering from an adverse situation.

Tas Racing - Case Study

Tasracing upon reviewing their business situation, researched and implemented an online system to induct people, who come with different roles and responsibilities, with the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure they remain safe.

State Government Industry - Case Study

An online system has been developed to induct people, who come with different roles and responsibilities, with the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure they remain safe at hospitals.

Townsville Area Health - Case Study

To provide a complete solution for Townsville Area Health, PlanSafe took a whole of business approach, the Account and Project Managers worked with the team of emergency and rescue professionals and safety training experts.

Suncorp - Case Study

Faced with a problem of having a large number of staff across a big geographical spread, Suncorp found that compliance and reporting was becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Suncorp was looking for a flexible and scalable emergency training solution that ensured that they met all the necessary regulations.

Wesley Mission Queensland Story

Wesley Mission Queensland's search for a better compliance and emergency management system led them to the decision to proceed with Locatrix's PlanSafe product.

Briometrix and PlanStudio - Helping the Department of Transport Victoria Improve Accessibility.

At some point in our lives, we have all been challenged by poor accessibility. Whether it be that we are temporarily disabled ourselves,...