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Partners Winning with PlanSafe

Written by
Hamish Thomson
Published on
July 11, 2022

Therese and her husband Dean Walker have been running their family business Northside Fire Service for over 17 years.

In delivering both AS1851 servicing and emergency planning services including face-to-face fire training, the challenges of the past few years saw them, like many business owners, looking for alternative ways to deliver better outcomes to their customers. In their decision to develop a COVID response to fire training via an online portal, they quickly realised the amount of development work which was required.

This started conversation with long time PlanSafe user and advocate, Glen Gugliotti who was the General Manager of a local fire engineering firm at the time. During a discussion about how to best meet compliance in this ever changing world of COVID19, Therese told Glen that Dean was still drafting evacuation diagrams with CAD, Glen quickly suggested they look into Locatrix’s solutions and organised a meeting with Therese and Locatrix's Jamie Eade.

Locatrix’s PlanSafe online site induction and training was an easy solution for Therese and Dean, coupled with PlanStudio’s evacuation diagram capability – Northside Fire quickly got on board opening ‘Solutions in Fire Compliance’ and embraced the two applications.

Dean had been using CAD software to create fire evacuation diagrams for many years and wasn’t looking to change but once he saw a demonstration of PlanStudio, he didn’t consider looking back for a second. Dean quickly upskilled to PlanStudio with the support of Cody, Jayden and Jamie from Locatrix, and with PlanStudio’s recent V3 upgrade, Dean is creating evacuation diagrams at a speed he would never have imagined.

“PlanStudio has given me a new perspective on how we deliver evacuation diagrams, I was amazed how great this software was and how efficient and effective it is to use, with the recent upgrades to automate geotagging this was a real game changer and I’d recommend anyone who hasn’t yet converted to take a look, you won’t be disappointed".

While Dean focuses on the Drafting and servicing area of the business, Therese is working with clients to deliver quality training and compliance outcomes.

When I saw PlanSafe, I knew it was the solution we were looking for. To be able to bundle it with the evacuation diagrams makes it an easy and cost-efficient product to sell to all types of organisations. Businesses need to be compliant and being able to provide a choice between face to face and an online solution that meets their needs is brilliant. COVID has shown us all that there are alternate ways of carrying out business and achieving outcomes".

"PlanSafe is a great solution, particularly as the risk of COVID continues and businesses don’t want to face the risk of filling a training room full of their employees where only one of them needs to be infected to bring a whole team down – risking productivity for weeks on end".

"Providing PlanSafe which costs less than face-to-face in delivery and brings further savings for the employer in cost in productivity, achieving the same outcomes in ¼ of the time. The fact that the training content includes everything that is needed and can also be customisable to the specific role and site specific to the location of the learner enables relevant training that takes less time and can be completed any time anywhere.”

In the six short months that Solutions in Fire Compliance have been promoting PlanSafe, they have surpassed many other partners in PlanSafe sales which really grabbed our attention.

And how have they done this?

“It’s easy, when we need to produce evacuation signs for a customer, we provide the quote requested and also offer a bundle option to include their online training solution through PlanSafe which includes the signs anyway – all data collected through PlanStudio. Our Customers are grateful because we are providing them a benefit that delivers two fold."

"PlanSafe is created out of the content we collect for the signs and the customer gets the option to not only meet their signage compliance needs, but the requirements to meet compliance for all their fire safety training too! We find this is a perfect solution for all kinds of businesses large or small but the success among small businesses has been really exceptional. It is a pleasure to be able to help them in such a way, keeping them safe and making their businesses compliant”.

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