PlanSafe Update - V439

Written by
Hamish Thomson
Published on
December 5, 2021

What's new in the latest version of PlanSafe!

Mandatory Work Areas for Learners

Administrators now can now make work areas mandatory for learners, making them pre-selected for any learners that do their training for that campus. Mandatory work areas can be set by using the icon located on the campus list in the campus settings.

Delete Non-live Campuses

Partner Administrators can now delete non-live campuses off of PlanSafe. This is available by going to edit a campus and clicking the ‘Delete’ button. Deleting a campus will also delete all records associated with it including content, assessment results and all premises information.

Copy From Site Option

Added 'Copy from site' option to all responsible persons in the Premises Information page. Administrators can now copy Responsible Persons, Fire and Evacuation annual reviewers, Fire Safety advisors, Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) members, etc from another site in Premises information page.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements

  • FEP-4172: Further security improvements.
  • FEP-4338: Siteplans are now automatically assigned when adding a new plan.
  • FEP-4340: Fixed some caching issues which would cause images to not update properly under the Manage Floorplan Content menu.
  • FEP-4343: Added alphabetical ordering to floor names in the sync menu.
  • FEP-4354: Fixed a visual issue where custom banner colours would revert to their default after leaving the page.
  • FEP-4355: Fixed an issue where sorting the ‘Header’ column in the System Content menu was not working correctly.
  • FEP-4356: Fixed a crash when adding text to the mobile field while creating a new learner.
  • FEP-4357: Fixed an issue where ECO members in the Manage Evacuation Coordination Personnel menu weren’t displaying in the correct order.
  • FEP-4359: Removed references to Flash Player and EasyXDM from the diagnostics page.
  • FEP-4361: Fixed an issue where Quick Learner Lookup would not function correctly when learners did not have images.
  • FEP-4365: Fixed an issue where some images were not sizing properly in the Interactive Planviewer.
  • FEP-4366: Fixed an issue where images were not loading properly in the Manage Floorplan Content menu.
  • FEP-4367: Fixed an issue that made it difficult to select the scrollbar when inserting an image.
  • FEP-4371: Fixed an issue that would result in a crash when editing specific pieces of content.
  • FEP-4372: Fixed an issue where the Navigation Sidebar was not sizing correctly for specific campuses.
  • FEP-4374: Fixed an issue where subheadings will no longer be added to document generation.
  • FEP-4375: Fixed an error when trying to generate a document for a campus with certain settings.
  • FEP-4376: Increased the limit of results for the Search report to 10,000
  • FEP-4378: Fixed an issue where certain campus names wouldn’t size correctly on the Administration Dashboard
  • FEP-4379: Fixed an issue where some email reminders still had old PlanSafe branding.
  • FEP-4383: Added a column to the Persons Responsible for Administering the FEP table for phone numbers.
  • FEP-4385: Fixed an issue where the Overdue report was not returning any results when filtered by building/level.
  • FEP-4386: Added ‘copy from site’ buttons to all fields in the Premises Information page.
  • FEP-4394: Removed the unsubscribe link from SQL reports.
  • FEP-4395: Fixed an issue where assessment results were being recorded when impersonating a learner.
  • FEP-4406: Fixed an issue caused by using ‘&’ or ‘#’ in document category names.
  • FEP-4407: Added a toggle option to enable/disable the ‘Mark as SLA Satisfied’ button and indicator on the Administration Dashboard.
  • FEP-4413: Made improvements to the load times of slides when doing training.