Locatrix has developed the industry’s leading online
solution for emergency training – designed not only
to further reduce risk, but also to minimise time
required to conduct fire safety training for your
employees, contractors and visitors.

Emergency Services Platform for Emergency Service Providers

Emergency Services Platform (ESP) allows First Responders and incident commanders to view layout details for every floor in a commercial building. This software is only available for approved emergency services agencies.

PlanStudio site-based Drafting Platform

PlanStudio is a mobile app for drafting, editing, viewing, and adding mark-ups to computer aided design (CAD) drawings. The app is simple, effective and easy to use.

PlanSafe Fire and Emergency Training Platform

PlanSafe is an online safety induction and emergency management program that provides information and training to employees, contractors, visitors and wardens (etc). Through this app, users can achieve 100% compliance.

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The future of indoor mapping

Through Locatrix’s three unique products PlanStudio,  PlanSafe, and Emergency Services Platform (ESP), Locatrix has developed software that allows them to map the inside of buildings like Google Maps does the outside of buildings. Australia remains the leader in global practices for emergency management and Workplace Health and Safety, and maintaining compliance will only become more important as the world progresses.

Many of Locatrix’s competitors, and the industry in general, have been slow to adapt, and therefore their procedures remain quite dated. Even though Locatrix operates in a fragmented market, the business has the opportunity to be a market leader in the industry through unique software and workflow processes.

Locatrix has made the decision to move forward with its partnering model which is transformative for Locatrix and the industry, as it allows us to work directly with certifiers, competitors, first responders and GIS providers in offering their software for easy mapping the interior of buildings.

The Locatrix Management and Advisory Board believe the partnering model will allow them to build their presence in Australia and around the world. Concept Safety Systems, the Holding Company, acquired Locatrix in February 2018, with a view that the future for spatially accurate floor plan information for critical infrastructure would be valuable for First Responders and therefore community safety.

Locatrix is transforming the traditional, paper-based, static indoor plans into totally immersive, three-dimensional plans that contain integrated and up-to-date data. The applications for this technology appear expansive, however the company has seen the potential to commercialise this technology for human resources, logistics, spatial plan management and essential safety measures.


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Our products can be used alone or in tandem, and when combined, they provide a powerful, all-encompassing safety platform that will manage all of your Workplace Health and Safety needs.

Emergency Services Platform for Emergency Service Providers

PlanStudio site-based Drafting Platform

PlanSafe Fire and Emergency Training Platform

More than 250 companies use our products – here’s what they have to say

Locatrix’s Safety and Evacuation Program has absolutely blown me away. Their vision for the future is incredible and their technology is unlike any other system. It has really opened up a whole new way of managing safety and evacuation procedures, and it has become an integral part of our business.

Narelle Stubbins, CQUniversity

The Locatrix platform enabled the Queensland Hospital and Health Service, in particular Children’s Health, to ensure that all staff, volunteers, service partners and contractors had completed their mandatory fire and evacuation training prior to occupying the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital.

More than 1,000 people completed the online fire training during the programs’ first week, and more than 3,000 staff by the time the hospital opened. The web-based program was easy to access and any changes within the new building were incorporated with the system, enabling real-time learning.

Overall, the system provided an efficient method for managing the significant training requirements of our new hospital.

Karen Davies, Children's Health Queensland

The FEP has benefited Ozcare significantly. Staff members are now able to complete their training at a time that suits them, regardless of their location. Now, we don’t have a need for trainers to visit our facilities, and staff members no longer need to work outside their shift times in order to remain compliant.

Tracy Colledge, Ozcare


We offer a range of additional services, including face to face training, fire audit reviews, VR training, evacuation signs and written directional evacuation plans.


We partner with first responders, building surveyors/certifiers, architects/planners, fire industry workers and emergency services employees.

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