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Our Solutions

Individuals to Enterprises, we've got you covered.

Multi-site Management

See at a glance who has completed training when and where. Stay safety savvy.

Cross Industry

Site and role specific, completely customisable. Everything from general safety training to unique personalised content.

Commercial Business Management

Providing safety information and training to those within the built environment.

LiDAR Scanning

Use LiDAR capability to visually scan the internals of your building to create a spatially accurate plan.

Automate Floorplans

Draft, edit, view and add to spatially accurate floorplans quickly and effectively while walking through a building.

Asset Data

Collect site specific details. Capture and store asset data like fire panel locations, exit paths and equipment photos on your floorplan.

Published Evacuation Signs

Our team of professional drafters create precise and accurate plans, printed and delivered to you, ready to mount.

Pre-Mark Up Solutions

Basic floorplans created from any information you already have. Ready for equipment and evacuation details to be added later.

Sign Updates

Already have signs that need updates? We can re-create any existing floorplan and modify it to your specifications.

Powering innovation with 400+ industry partners

We partner with businesses of all sizes in Australia to provide the tools they need to keep people safe.

Locatrix hero video

"PlanStudio has given me a new perspective on how we deliver evacuation diagrams, I was amazed how great this software was and how efficient and effective it is to use".

Therese Walker SIFC

Therese Walker

Testimonial Image

"I immediately realised the potential of what Locatrix could do. The partnership allows AFP to offer solutions that meet the needs of clients".

Patrick Hall AFP

Patrick Hall

Australian Fire Protection
Testimonial Image

"With PlanStudio, the magic really happened when Andreas and I did a walk through on site and made the changes to a plan right there and then, that was the “uh-huh” moment that really knocked my socks off!  Every floor plans change required is all editable directly from the iPad, within PlanStudio, as you identify them!”

Mike O'Keefe BeSafe

Mike O'Keefe

BeSafe Technologies
Testimonial Image

“It is a game changer in delivering quality plans for our customers, cutting down on the time spent on site and reducing overall delivery time.  We will be recommending customers switch to PlanStudio plans going forward as it is beneficial for the customer in its digital format and significantly improves turnaround time.”

Garry Dawson Fire EMT

Garry Dawson

Fire EMT
Testimonial Image

“When I saw PlanStudio in action for the first time, I was drawn to its simplicity. It has made us more organised. More efficient and more standardised in how we approach work. Our templates and icons all look the same. We can switch drafters in the middle of a job – one can easily pick up where the other left off- so we have the same visual voice.”

Patrick Stokes Stokes Safety

Patrick Stokes

Stokes Safety
Testimonial Image

“What first came to mind when John showed me the program was that the opportunities were endless. Primarily my thoughts switched to the fact that this program was not about evacuation plans but about assets. In putting it to use for Form1, I could see that we could use the floor plan to provide drawings for any asset across an entire site.  Whether it be an evacuation plan, fire alarm block plan, fire dampers, air conditioning - the list goes on."

Steve Shirlaw Form1

Steve Shirlaw

Testimonial Image

“My biggest advantage is that I am involved in the process from the beginning, from walking the site to see where everything is and then to draw up the diagrams in PlanStudio, you get to visually see the layout, exits, diagram positions where and how to get to the assembly areas and answer/ask any questions regarding the site’s emergency management plan. This is made easier with the use of a tablet and can all be done on site while walking around.”

Brent Holiday Form1

Brent Holiday


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