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How Queensland Children's Hospital trained 3,000+ staff

See how Queensland Children's Hospital trained 3,000+ staff across multiple sites in 3 weeks.


This case study is to demonstrate a PlanSafe approach to managing the delivery of fire and emergency safety training within the health care sector. It will focus specifically on how Locatrix assisted Children’s Health Queensland in the lead-up to its reopening. It will showcase the approach Locatrix took to ensure more than 3,000 staff, contractors and wardens were trained in a 3 week period across multiple sites and in time for the reopening.

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Identifying the Challenges

Cost, time and logistics of training over 3,000 people across multiple sites. The critical time path and the requirement for 100% completion rate as access by staff, contractors and wardens was only possible upon completion of the induction training. Working with builders, on-site contractors, fire services, and tenant to get the final and detailed site specifications to be able to develop the digital and interactive floor plans.The breadth of training required to meet everyone’s requirements including first response through to re-fresher and warden training.

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Online Training

Locatrix Solution

PlanSafe’s online safety induction and emergency management was adapted to Queensland Children's Hospital to find the best solutions for them. An online site induction fire and emergency training package designed to deliver site-specific and consistent training compliant with regulations and standards was developed. Due to the very nature of a hospital environment the training package was customised to incorporate detailed WH&S elements and a Site Induction Program (SIP) to ensure all staff, contractors, visitors and volunteers were fully informed in the case of an emergency. To achieve a 100% completion rate the package was developed in an engaging, easy to understand format that took a fraction of the time to complete and available 24/7.

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"The web based program was easy to access and any changes within the new building were readily incorporate within the system to enable “real time” learning. Overall, the system provided an efficient and effective solution to managing the significant fire and evacuation training requirements of our new hospital.”
- Karen Davies, Children’s Health Queensland
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The PlanSafe solution resulted in more than 3,000 people being trained over a 3-week period and all in time for the opening of the hospital. They now have in place an online site induction and fire and emergency training package that can be used for all new employees and as an ongoing refresher as required. The Locatrix solution also delivered substantial savings to the customer with an ROI of less than $5-$7/head with Warden Training included. This delivered over 50% savings compared to the original training model and now provides records on-demand and site specific details presented to the system users.

“The PlanSafe platform enabled Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service to ensure that our staff, volunteers, service partners and contractors had completed their mandatory fire and evacuation training prior to occupying the new Queensland Children's Hospital (formerly known as Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital). More than 1,000 people completed the online fire training the first week the program went live and more than 3,000 staff by the time the children’s hospital opened".
- Karen Davies, Children’s Health Queensland

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