Should You Make the Switch?

Is PlanStudio® the right choice for you? What will it take to make that leap of faith? We know that PlanStudio® will help improve your workflow and make your drafting service seamless, but here is the opportunity to try it yourself. 

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Made for On-Site Mobility

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional CAD software and embrace the freedom of mobility. Take your projects to the field, thanks to seamless compatibility with iPadOS. No longer confined to the desktop, you can now roam freely on-site, capturing data, making real-time edits, and drafting plans.

"Since adopting PlanStudio we now have the ability now to accept a job and have the KPI’s met within a week and a half. We’re delivering diagrams for bigger clients, and we can save time by pre-planning those drawings in the office."
- Kim Steedman, Dynamick Fire

Created by Drafters for Drafters

As drafters, we understand the frustrations of using generic software. PlanStudio® resolves these issues, working faster and more efficiently. Generate evacuation diagrams, visual asset registers, zone, hydrant, and sprinkler plans, all from a single point of truth. Modifications to the Master floor plan are instantly reflected across all documents.

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Evac Signs
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No Publish No Fee

As a subscription-free application, you pay only for what you publish. Think of it as a Pay-As-You-Go plan, no tricky contract locking you in, just accessible software ready to go, enabling you to make money off each publish.

"PlanStudio has made us more organised, more efficient and more standardised in how we approach work. Our templates and icons all look the same and we can switch drafters in the middle of a job – one can easily pick up where the other left off- so we have the same visual voice."
- Pat Stokes, Stokes Safety
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