PlanStudio 3.2

Written by
Hamish Thomson
Published on
June 6, 2023
New Features
Offline Mode

You can now download campuses and edit them while offline. To download a campus, click on the Download button in the campuses list.

If you no longer require a campus to be available offline, you can press the Tick button to remove the downloaded data.

Downloading a campus allows you access to the following without an internet connection:

  • View the partner, client, campus, and all buildings and floors within that campus.
  • Add, modify, or delete buildings and floors within that campus.
  • Edit the site plan and any floor plans within that campus.
  • Use icon libraries, icon filters, diagram templates, network libraries, theme libraries, and data fields from the campus’ client and partner.
  • PlanStudio automatically keeps downloaded campuses up-to-date if you have an internet connection.


The Status Indicator has slightly changed in appearance:

If PlanStudio detects that you are offline, items in the Plan Manager that are not available offline are shown in grey. These will not be usable without an internet connection.

Satellite imagery and diagram publishing requires an active internet connection to work, even in downloaded campuses.

Offline features are not available on the Browser version of PlanStudio.

About your Data

The campuses you mark as available offline will all save their data to your local device.

This means you can use devices without an internet connection and still access your plans, you will need to ensure that your device connects back to the internet before your plans are synced and your changes are saved.

When you are finished with your offline plans and all changes have been synced, you can access the preferences menu where there is a new option to delete all the Offline Data.

If you have any issues syncing the information back to the cloud there is also the option to export the Local data.

If you experience any issues with syncing please export your local data before deleting it and your PlanStudio consultant at Locatrix will be able to assist you in manually syncing it back to your partnership.

Networks in the Browser Panel are now grouped according to their type.

  • Improved the memory usage and syncing reliability of plans with photos.
  • Improved the reliability of diagram publishing.
  • Improved validation of imported SVG files to reduce the chance of later problems.
  • Removed the classic UI mode.
  • Added the ability to export all PlanStudio data to assist with diagnosing problems and backing up unsynced data.
  • Partner Admins and Content Admins can now change a client's default icon library, theme library, and network library.
  • You can now assign a colour to custom assembly area icons in the icon library editor. This influences the colour of the icon badge in plans.
  • Improved the stability of the iPad version of PlanStudio.

  • Fixed an issue where PlanStudio would require iOS users to sign in often.
  • Fixed an issue where PlanStudio would immediately retry syncing after syncing fails.
  • Fixed a rendering problem when using the highlighter Annotation Tool.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to move Fixed Icons that were attached to networks which have since been deleted.
  • Fixed hotkeys for quick-switching plans not working while in read-only mode.
  • Fixed adornment cloning not working properly in some cases.
  • Fixed dark mode inconsistencies.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on the “Restart” button on the crash screen was not working.
  • Fixed a crash when clicking on the horizontal divider within a dropdown menu in the Fixture Editor.
  • Fixed a crash when clicking on the "Next conflicted plan" button when there are multiple plans with syncing conflicts.
  • Fixed an error message sometimes being shown when starting PlanStudio for the first time.