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PlanStudio Maps Down Under with Dreamworld

Written by
Hamish Thomson
Published on
February 21, 2023

Amusement parks are all about experiencing thrill and excitement of the fastest and scariest rides.  While pushing each experience to its limits, operators have a responsibility to ensure that every attraction is maintained as a safe one.

Despite best efforts, there are roughly 30,000 amusement park accidents reported globally each year, this figure highlighting importance for park operators to keep records of accurate and current operational and site information.

Dreamworld were one of our first PlanStudio users and have mapped their entire park creating a complete digital thin-twin of the site.   They have used it to show underground service detail that has been captured from Location and detection services and site plans using PlanStudio’s Networking tool.  The electrical cables that have been identified have been drafted on the site plan including where they connect into assets inside the buildings – connecting the outside detail with the inside detail.

Kristopher Brown, Senior Solutions Consultant at Locatrix has been working closely with Dreamworld for 6 years.


"Upon reviewing the various maps kept for the park, it became clear that PlanStudio would greatly benefit Dreamworld.  Supplying maintenance contractors with a real-time map of the assets they are maintaining, as well as any potential hazards in their work area, is immensely valuable." 


A living digital representation of the site, PlanStudio has provided a way for Dreamworld Team members to visualise the current (and historic) location of many site assets and show how they connect to the indoors such as; underground services, tree inspection data, sewer layout assets, emergency lighting, waterpark assets, Hydrant booster plan details and Asbestos locations.


PlanStudio provides “filters” to show all instances of “like” items, switching off visibility to assets unrelated providing a clean plan showing only the detail you need.  In contrast, you can show all assets on a plan to display complexities in a certain area where operators may be planning on building a new feature, enabling a path to better planning.

Even though PlanStudio was initially designed primarily for the Fire Industry, it has always been our intention to develop the software to do more to help businesses better understand and have more control over their site data.


We are really excited to have the opportunity to asset track and provide ability for asset placement of information spatially for Dreamworld, providing yet another opportunity and use case for PlanStudio

John Hummelstad, CEO of Locatrix


“PlanStudio is proving to be a valuable asset to the park in keeping with Dreamworld’s Safety policy in ensuring high levels of safety assurance. As the park is constantly changing it gives the ability to make live changes and ensure we are providing team members and contractors with current information.”

Tyson Kelly, Dreamworld Safety Support Officer

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