Evacuation Diagrams

How Stokes Safety increased evacuation diagram efficiency by 700%

See how Stokes Safety increased the efficiency and accuracy of production by more than 700%


For over 35 years Stokes Safety has been instrumental in providing building regulatory advice from the design stage to building permits and right through to building inspections. With this experience they have successfully evolved to focus on providing consultation on not just Fire Safety and Evacuation Procedures but also Building Compliance and Occupational Health and Safety. Tailoring their services to the Health and Aged Care industry, Stokes Safety have successfully nurtured this client base with their particular operating and safety technicalities and provided them with ongoing compliance and peace of mind.

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The Challenges

Previously at Stokes Safety, the drafting team would use AutoCAD, a universally known drafting software, especially within architectural circles. Described as a behemoth, daunting and very technical. AutoCAD is difficult to teach, learn, and is a time-consuming and laborious task.

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Locatrix Solution

PlanStudio can be more than just  another piece of drafting software for you. It helps solve your workflow. Your approach to your tasks becomes more efficient using PlanStudio. There is also the opportunity to expand your business venture with PlanStudio. The possibilities only stop with your imagination.

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“When I saw PlanStudio in action for the first time, I was drawn to its simplicity.”
- Patrick Stokes, Stokes Safety
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PlanStudio has allowed Stokes Safety to increased the efficiency and accuracy of production by more than 700%.

“It has made us more organised. More efficient and more standardized in how we approach work. Our templates and icons all look the same. We can switch drafters in the middle of a job – one can easily pick up where the other left off- so we have the same visual voice”.
- Patrick Stokes, Stokes Safety

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