Pre-EMpTing the Future

Written by
Hamish Thomson
Published on
April 20, 2023

Fire EMT, founded in 2008, like us at Locatrix, was born out of necessity due to changes imposed by the Government. Garry, an Aviation Fire Officer at Brisbane Airport, started Fire EMT when the service was no longer supported by the Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) service. Recognising the desperate need to replace a critical safety service, he and his then business partner Paul Barling ventured into Fire EMT. "Initially, it began by picking up a few contracts as part of our new side hustle while we were still firefighters. However, it didn't take long for the demand to require us to focus full-time on Fire EMT, eventually resigning from ARFF to service some of the most complex and operationally challenging sites in the country," Garry recalled.

Specialising in aviation, Garry’s vision for Fire EMT is to become Queensland’s leading provider of fire safety planning, compliance and training services, and so far, they have been making great strides towards that goal. Fire EMT specialises in planning, compliance and training, working closely with businesses to understand their specific needs in order to improve safety outcomes during emergencies.

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Whilst not initially adopting Locatrix’s solutions until just recently, it was in response to witnessing improvements made to the software and seeing the positive response PlanStudio and PlanSafe were receiving within the Fire Industry.

“Initially, when we saw PlanStudio back in 2020, we could see the potential in the product but we weren’t quite ready to adopt it. This was at the start of the pandemic and we were focused on how we continue operating and maintaining our contracts despite the constraints of the lockdowns and restrictions, like many other businesses. The main lesson I learned during this challenging period was that technology is a terrific enabler, as it was the only way I could manage to perform remote training and compliance advice. Moreover, our clients were more accepting of this way of learning and working. I saw it as the ideal opportunity to re-engage with Locatrix and adopt PlanStudio and PlanSafe so that we could provide this innovate software to our customer base.”

Garry explained.

Using PlanStudio for their mapping, Fire EMT found the software to be very user friendly, of high quality and incredibly efficient. “it is a game changer in delivering quality plans for our customers, cutting down on the time spent on site and reducing overall delivery time.  Garry added we will be recommending customers switch to PlanStudio plans going forward as it is beneficial for the customer in its digital format and significantly improves turnaround time.”

With three drafters now proficient in PlanStudio, Fire EMT is exploring the possibility of online training with PlanSafe. “I definitely see a future with PlanSafe, especially as we have already transitioned to online training methods during the COVID-19 pandemic.  I’m really excited to see how Locatrix can help us offer more innovative ways to better serve our customers.” Garry expressed his enthusiasm for the future partnership with Locatrix.

PlanStudio 3.4

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