The Power of Preparedness for Safer Schools

Specializing in School safety, BeSafe works to share critical building information between school administrators, emergency services and facilities management, assisting in providing the situational awareness our Heroes need, in order to keep our most vulnerable safe in the case of an emergency. 

Pre-EMpTing the Future

Using PlanStudio for their mapping, Fire EMT found the software to be very user friendly, of high quality and incredibly efficient.

PlanStudio vs CorelDRAW vs AutoCAD

Once a fire safety company ourselves, drafting floor plans and evacuation diagrams, we were in the same boat as you.

Plans on Form

Form1 live by their motto “passionate about people and serious about safety” and like Locatrix, their culture is strong and all about its people.

Australian Fire Protection

Patrick first recognised Locatrix for their application PlanStudio, admitting that it increased the efficiency of providing Evacuation Diagrams.

Australian Compliance Management

Australian Compliance Management (ACM) has been a Founding Partner with Locatrix for over two years.

Industry Focus - Logistics

Solutions in Fire Compliance (SIFC) may be small in stature but don’t be blinded by this.

Partners Winning with PlanSafe

Therese and her husband Dean Walker have been in the fire safety business for over 17 years.

From PlanStudio to PlanSafe partner - Patrick Hall from AFP tells us why he took the plunge

Patrick Hall CEO of Australian Fire Protection was always of great interest to Locatrix when we started out advertising PlanStudio. ...

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