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Behind The Moustache

Written by
Vicky Hawes
Published on
December 14, 2023

Reflecting on our Values as a company we like to acknowledge and celebrate those who really embody what we stand for as a team each quarter. We have some extraordinary people amongst our peers doing remarkable things and being outstanding folk all round.

It’s tough to choose just one person each quarter as so many in the company fully live our values each day, but that is what makes working at Locatrix the unique place it is.

The second person to be nominated as Employee of the Quarter, goes to Kris Brown, Exec Manager ANZ.  Read Kris’s thoughts on what he does here at Locatrix and what he thinks of our products….

Kris Brown, Exec Manager ANZ, Locatrix


Q1: How long have you been working at Locatrix? 

KB: 13 Years! I began my journey here just like many of our employees, as a draftsperson.

Over time, I've worn several hats - from being a fire safety consultant to working in project delivery and stepping into the role of account manager. But now, I'm thrilled to lead the sales team that's introducing Locatrix services to businesses all across Australia and New Zealand.

Q2: What has been the biggest/best project you have undertaken at Locatrix and why?

KB: There has been many but one of the standouts was in implementing PlanSafe into the Qantas portfolio. Way back in 2014, Qantas selected Locatrix as their national supplier for emergency management. I was in a project delivery role at the time, and I was heavily involved in the onboarding process. I'll never forget the time when I hopped on 12 flights in 5 days! – needless to say, I racked up plenty of frequent flyer points during that project.

Q3: What do you see in the future for Locatrix/PlanSafe/PlanStudio?

KB: I think we have nailed our customer’s requirements here in Australia – particularly in the emergency management industry. I’m really looking forward to seeing how PlanStudio can be adapted for other industries especially in the international markets. 

Q4: How did you feel when you were awarded “Employee of the Quarter” and reading your colleagues thoughts on what you have achieved?

KB: The announcement caught me completely off guard. I was sitting next to Nathan, our Client Delivery Manager. We were quietly contemplating who the winner could be and I hadn’t even considered myself as a contender.

Reading what my colleagues had to say about me was truly humbling. Knowing that my teammates appreciated my work and had my back was a really great feeling.

Q5: Favourite tool on PlanSafe/PlanStudio

KB: Zone Tool > Trace Mode

I used to spend way too much time using the node tool in CorelDRAW to trace the outline of the building. There were some shortcuts, but none as quick as this.

Here is a video!

PlanStudio 3.5

Manually configure all evacuation paths per diagram, support for multiple users on the same device, extended image importing/exporting and more…
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