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Why we do what we do?

Our Geospatial data platform enables valuable insights beyond fire safety – supporting facilities management, workforce analytics, wayfinding, and more.  While the initial use case is typically fire safety compliance and training, the products support other location-based applications such as building information modeling (BIM), geospatial information systems (GIS), asset management, security, workforce planning.

Many mandatory processes require commercial real estate to maintain accurate emergency maps and plans. However, floor plans are often manual, incomplete, out of date, and inaccessible to systems and personnel beyond compliance.

This fails Facilities Managers, who need asset data for maintenance, cleaning, planning and response. In particular this affects First Responders who lack real-time spatial awareness as well as occupants when an emergency or crisis situation arises.

What technology do we provide?

Locatrix fixes this via software and data tools that mirror physical spaces digitally. With its dynamic maps that integrate with BIM tools and GIS, Locatrix can transform emergency training and provide first responders with life-saving site intelligence.

This establishes Locatrix as the global system of record for indoor spatial data and safety preparedness. With unrivalled digital-twin capabilities scaled through partners, Locatrix is defining the future of indoor mapping.

Our patented technology that ingests 2D floor plans, converting them into spatial data-rich 3D representations. Locatrix powers advanced mapping, simulations, and analytics beyond just visualization.

Locatrix’s new distribution partners, with access to billions of square feet globally, leverage compliance use cases as an entry point. But the real promise and scale comes from indoor spatial data across groupings of need including asset management, wayfinding, mapping analytics, occupancy planning and security.

We're well certified

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ISO 27001:2022
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ISO 9001:2015
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Our values

Our values show how we at Locatrix conduct business. Our culture is shaped by these six principles, which affect who we are, what we do, and even who we recruit.

Openness with respect

Openness with respect

Speaking & Listening: We all have the right to be heard. Our responsibility is to actively listen to others and to think before you speak.

Everyone Matters: Every individual is valued and respected, regardless of role, race, gender or age. We are role models of professional courtesy in our workplace.

Don't screw the client

Don't screw the client

Focus: Clients are at the centre of all we do with our products and services. No clients, no Locatrix.

Ethical Conduct: We maintain integrity in all interactions and decisions.

Act with integrity

Act with integrity

Transparent Communication: We communicate clearly and openly, ensuring respect and transparency in our actions and decisions.

Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions and decisions as individuals and as a team.

Value your team

Value your team

Sharing Knowledge: We empower each other through knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Positive Team Dynamics: We foster a culture of respectful collaboration and mutual support.

Recognition: We celebrate achievements and express gratitude.

Continually improve

Continually improve

Learning and Development: We continually learn and enhance our skills.

Adaptability: We embrace change with a positive and proactive mindset.

Feedback Culture: We provide constructive feedback for ongoing improvement.

Less fear, more heart

Less fear, more heart

Empathy: We embrace curiosity and strive to understand and support each other.

Responsibility: We know courage is needed to be responsible and accountable – we own our actions.

Supportive Environment: When we fail, we learn. We nurture a positive work environment to support each other and find solutions.

Meet our team members

Meet the people developing the future of public safety.

Lee Johnson

Lee Johnson AFSM FIFireE served as Commissioner of the Queensland fire and Emergency Service for 13 years.

Alan Clarke

Alan Clarke is a retired Assistant Commissioner and Commander of the NSW Police Major Events and Incidents Group (MEIG).

Cameron Scott
Advisory Board

For over 25 years, Cameron has worked in corporate real estate and facilities management. He has operated in over 20 geographical markets, working at regional and global levels.

Karen Davis
Advisory Board

Karen is a technology industry leader and creative thinker with over 25 years of experience in professional services and technology environments.

Fraser Kahler
Board Member

Fraser is the founder of Gamma Wealth Group. Fraser has previously worked in advisory roles offering financial strategies and investment solutions.

Rick Anstey
Chairman of Locatrix and active Non-executive Director

In 2010 Rick joined the team at Locatrix as Chairman and an active Non-Executive Director. Rick’s career spans more than 35 years in technology, corporate advisory, and funds management.

John Hummelstad
Chief Executive Officer

John joined Locatrix as Chief Executive Officer in 2010, has over 25 years of business expertise with a background in venture capital, private equity, and mergers & acquisitions.

Malinda Denovan
Chief Financial Officer

Malinda is a seasoned finance professional with deep experience in the operations and financial structures of emerging growth companies.

Scott Jackson
Chief Operating Officer

Scott has a strong background in corporate and fiscal management and 20 years management experience throughout Australia, Ireland & the USA.

Matthew Henry
Chief Technology Officer

Matt joined Locatrix in 2014 as an engineer and helped bring PlanStudio to life. He now leads all software development at Locatrix.

Kris Brown
Executive Manager - ANZ Sales

Kris has been with Locatrix from the very beginning, growing professionally in the business.

Nathan Kirkby
Executive Manager - Client Delivery

Nathan joined Locatrix in 2009 as a draftsperson, moving up through the roles of Team Leader and Project Quality Supervisor to become the Executive Manager of Client Delivery.

Amanda Eade
Executive Manager - Finance, HR & Compliance

Amanda joined the Finance department of Locatrix in 2012, and she now manages Finance, Compliance and all aspects of Administration.

Andreas Deakin
Executive Manager - International Consulting

Andreas joined Locatrix in 2016. He is a highly experienced ITIL certified consultant and has a comprehensive understanding of our offerings.

Helen Hall
Executive Manager - Marketing Strategy

Helen joined Locatrix in 2018. With over 20 years of experience in construction management, property and aged care, Helen has the capability to take a product from inception to market.

Edward Mandla
Industry Advisor

Edward is an Australian politician and businessman. His business career spans over two decades in the information technology and executive search industries.

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