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The Fire Safety Adviser Whisperer

Written by
Vicky Hawes
Published on
April 8, 2024

Equity truly is a state of being at Locatrix. No matter the title bestowed upon your role, everyone is in with a chance of being recognised and celebrated by their peers.

Employee of the Quarter is a chance for us to acknowledge the quiet moments of success, where someone has truly gone above and beyond and lived out our values in the day to day tasks of their job. It is our values that hold us all accountable and it is our values that bind us together as a team.

BJ Kim is the pearl of this particular quarter (a niche reference for BJ as a Steely Dan fan) and rightly so for all the work he does to help coordinate our compliance team, drafters and most importantly our customers.

BJ Kim, Client Delivery Administration Officer, Locatrix
How long have you been working at Locatrix?

BJ: Coming up to about 5 years now. I started my time here as a drafter. My role has evolved since and now I schedule our Fire Safety Advisers to perform jobs on behalf of Locatrix nationally.

What’s it like to work at Locatrix? 

BJ: It’s like working with family. Locatrix holds great morale within the workplace but when it’s time to get down to business, we will work our backsides off.

What are your thoughts on what you think would be achievable or where would you like to see the software implemented? 

BJ: I believe that we have the potential to tap into other industries with PlanStudio. We have a versatile program and floorplans aren’t necessarily limited to the Fire Safety Industry. With a little tweaking, I can see our products evolving being utilised within industries such as Architecture.

How did you feel when you were awarded “Employee of the Quarter” and reading your colleagues thoughts on what you have achieved? 

BJ: I’m very flattered (and embarrassed). I just want to make the best of every part of my journey here and it’s inspiring to be surrounded by so many talented and hard-working individuals.

Most favourite place (anywhere in the world) that you would like to go to?

BJ: I backpacked through France before working here. I’d like to visit Cannes again during Spring.

Favourite book or author?

BJ: I’m currently reading Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy.

Favourite tool on PlanSafe/PlanStudio?

BJ: Fixtures: When I was drafting, we were fixture building libraries for banks across Australia. I thoroughly enjoyed creating furniture pieces and weird machinery details placed on architectural floor plans.