PlanStudio vs CorelDRAW vs AutoCAD

Written by
Hamish Thomson
Published on
April 3, 2023

Once a fire safety company ourselves, drafting floor plans and evacuation diagrams, we were in the same boat as you. Handling overly complicated not fit-for-purpose software, or at least that was our humble opinion. There had to be something better, but there wasn’t. So here is the beginning of PlanStudio, the kernel of an idea. What if others wanted the same thing? Was it even possible? 


Almost three years later, Locatrix is no longer competing in that space but helping others that do. That idea? Well, that idea blossomed. Here we are, finding ourselves at this next juncture. But before we launch into our following phase, we want to acknowledge that without our Partners here in Australia being wit hus from the very beginning, their feedback and insights have been integral to our success.

So, what is it that compels someone to start using PlanStudio? 

Patrick Stokes generously shared with us how PlanStudio has helped improve the day-to-day life of a drafter within his company, Stokes Safety.  


For over 35 years Stokes Safety has been instrumental in providing building regulatory advice from the design stage to building permits and right through to building inspections. With this experience they have successfully evolved to focus on providing consultation on not just Fire Safety and Evacuation Procedures but also Building Compliance and Occupational Health and Safety. Tailoring their services to the Health and Aged Care industry, Stokes Safety have successfully nurtured this client base with their particular operating and safety technicalities and provided them with ongoing compliance and peace of mind. 


On the back of this wealth of experience Pat was able to provide us with some gems that only someone who has used PlanStudio would possibly know – things that hadn’t even crossed our collective minds before. Stokes Safety has been with us from the beginning of our venture, and we are proud to be a tiny part of their success today.  


Previously at Stokes Safety, the drafting team would use AutoCAD, a universally known drafting software, especially within architectural circles. In Pat’s words, it was a “behemoth”. The descriptions “daunting” and “very technical” peppered the conversation. Software that is technical and difficult to teach and learn is a time-consuming and laborious task.  But Pat was sold from the moment he saw PlanStudio. 


“When I saw PlanStudio in action for the first time, I was drawn to its simplicity.” 


That’s not to say PlanStudio is unsophisticated. Not at all. PlanStudio has the precise tools you need to create floor plans. It is the application designed by drafters for drafters. 


“It has made us more organised. More efficient and more standardised in how we approach work. Our templates and icons all look the same. We can switch drafters in the middle of a job – one can easily pick up where the other left off- so we have the same visual voice”. 


PlanStudio can be more than just another piece of drafting software for you. It helps solve your workflow. Your approach to your tasks becomes more efficient using PlanStudio. There is also the opportunity to expand your business venture with PlanStudio. The possibilities only stop with your imagination.


Without Partners like Pat and those prepared to take that leap of faith with Locatrix, we could not develop and deliver an industry-breaking, functional application such as PlanStudio.

We would love to hear more about your personal experiences with PlanStudio. Let us know how you use it and what features you can’t do without.

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