PlanSafe Update - V445

Written by
Hamish Thomson
Published on
March 12, 2022

What's new in the latest version of PlanSafe!


We have given Partner Administrators the ability to delete their own campuses. To do this, edit the desired campus by selecting it and clicking Edit Selected or double-clicking on it. Once you are editing the campus you will see a Delete button. Follow the prompts shown to complete this process.

Please note that deleting a campus will always delete all the following information and cannot be reversed: assessment records, learner records, floorplans, reports, premises information and all of the campus’ content.


We have added the ability for documents that were uploaded as a global document, to become campus-specific or shared documents. To do this, locate the document that you wish to change and click on the new Change to a Shared Document button. From here you will be able to select what campus it belongs to, and what other campuses it should be shared with.


Now when you are adding custom icons to content, there is a checkbox that will allow you to apply the same custom icon to all child content for the same campus.


In line with feedback we have received from users, we have adjusted some of the terminology used by PlanSafe menus. The following changes have been made:


We have added the ability for administrators to view the Compliance Dashboard for a single campus. To do this, locate the desired campus on the Administration Dashboard and click View Campus Compliance.

If you are unable to see this option on your PlanSafe portal, please contact your account manager.

This update to PlanSafe also includes various minor bug fixes

PlanStudio 3.4

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