PlanStudio 3.0

Written by
Hamish Thomson
Published on
May 18, 2022

What's new in version 3.0 of PlanStudio? Watch the full overview below to find out!

Major Changes

Creating new plans is easier and faster - now with 100% less geotagging!

  • The new Set up Site Plan wizard steps you through the process of setting up your site plan by locating the campus, choosing background imagery, and setting a natural rotation.
  • When creating floorplans, the new "Create from Site Plan" option gives you a perfectly geotagged canvas and displays the site plan in the background.
  • All you need to do is drag-and-drop your reference images into PlanStudio and visually line them up with the site plan.
  • If your reference images are distorted due to photos being taken at a bad angle, you can fix them up in the new Straighten Document screen.
  • If you've been provided with to-scale drawings that have measurements shown, you can use the new Rescale from Measurement mode to easily resize the drawing to its real-life size.

PlanStudio 3.0 has a brand-new user interface!

  • We've made all of PlanStudio's panels accessible from a single sidebar on the right.
  • You can drag panels around and create your ultimate workspace by docking them to the left/right side of the screen.
  • Take full advantage of large ultra-wide monitors by keeping lots of panels open at once.
  • Or see more of your plans than ever before on smaller screens by keeping everything hidden away.

See multiple plans at once and easily switch between them using the new 'Plans Panel'.

  • Show as many plans from the same campus at the same time as you'd like. Each plan can have its opacity adjusted so that you can see through to lower floors.
  • You can quickly switch to editing a different plan by clicking on it in the Plans Panel - there's no more need to go back and forth through the Plan Manager!
  • You'll never need to duplicate reference images between floors or import georeferenced imagery into floorplans ever again - you can keep imagery in one place and show it in the background.
  • You can snap walls/zones/nav mesh/footprints to other visible plans, making it easier to transfer details between plans.

The all-new 'Browser Panel' makes it easy to see what's in your plan.

  • You can now see a list of every single entity in your plan, and hide/lock them individually.
  • PlanStudio automatically names certain entities (e.g evac signs are listed by their sign ref), and you can give meaningful names to everything else.
  • Double-clicking an entity in the Browser panel centers your view over it, making it easy to find equipment in larger plans.

Full Changelog

New Features

  • The plan editor has a brand-new user interface!
  • All of PlanStudio's panels can now be accessed from a new sidebar on the right-hand side, and they will stay open while you're editing the plan.
  • Click a panel's icon to open it, and click it again to close it.
  • Like previous PlanStudio versions, panels will automatically open if they're needed for the current tool/selection.
  • You can now close panels after they've been automatically opened, if you don't need them.
  • Panels can now be rearranged and docked to either side of the editor by dragging them around to your liking.
  • The Tool Settings panel has become simpler, with the snapping settings being moved into their own dedicated panel. Tool-specific layer settings in the zone/site tools have been removed.
  • The camera rotation controls have been moved from a hard-to-see and non-obvious rotation indicator to their own dedicated panel. The icon for the camera rotation acts as a north indicator.
  • When you're editing plans, the plan name now appears as the window title.
  • The Selection tool's copy/paste/delete controls are now integrated into the toolbar, instead of floating over the plan.
  • If you resize the PlanStudio window and make it smaller, panels will automatically be hidden if there's not enough room for them.
  • If you're upgrading to PlanStudio 3 from an older version, you can choose to stay in "Classic Mode" which looks and feels exactly like previous PlanStudio versions.
  • You can toggle between Classic Mode and the new PlanStudio 3 interface using the "Classic Mode" setting in Preferences.
  • A future release of PlanStudio will remove the ability to use Classic Mode.
  • The new Set up Site Plan wizard makes it significantly easier to get your site plans started.
  • You're taken through the three steps (locating the campus, choosing background imagery, setting a natural rotation) by the wizard, with no need to click around menus.
  • The new "Create from Site Plan" option for creating floorplans will automatically take you through this wizard if you haven't already set your site plan up.
  • The new Plans panel lets you see multiple plans at the same time and quickly switch between them.
  • The new Plans panel allows you to hide/show other plans in the same campus.
  • You can adjust the opacity of individual plans, including the plan you're currently editing.
  • Clicking on a plan (instead of the visibility toggle) allows you to quick-switch to editing that plan.
  • Walls, zones, the nav mesh, and footprints will now snap to other visible plans as you're drawing.
  • This enables a number of new workflows/possibilities:
  • There's no need to geotag floorplans anymore, as you can position/resize graphics so that they line up with a site plan visible in the background.
  • If you don't have any existing plans from a building owner to use as a reference, you can show the site plan in the background and use it as a tracing reference.
  • On iPads with LiDAR support, it's now easy to visually line up LiDAR scans with their building by showing the site plan in the background.
  • It's now incredibly easy to line up the nav mesh on site plans with the exits of floorplans - show the relevant floor and snap the site plan's nav mesh to the floorplan.
  • You don't have to duplicate background plans/imagery into multiple floors anymore - you can keep it all in once place on the site plan and show it in the background as needed.
  • The Visibility panel has been replaced with the new Browser panel.
  • You can now see a list of every single entity that has been added to your plan, grouped by the entity's type.
  • You can individually hide/show and lock/unlock entities, so you it's now possible to lock a specific graphic in place while you're working with other graphics.
  • Entities are listed by their name where appropriate, e.g evac signs are listed by their sign ref.
  • You can rename entities that would normally have a generic name like "Interior Zone".
  • PlanStudio automatically sets the name of newly imported graphics based on their filename (and the page number, if it was imported from a multi-page PDF).
  • PlanStudio automatically sets the name of photos by the date/time they were taken.
  • Clicking on an entity in the browser selects it, and double-clicking it will center your view over it - this makes it super easy to find a specific evac sign in a large plan!.
  • You can shift-click to select/deselect multiple entities.
  • You can now easily select every type of an entity by right-clicking/long pressing the group's name and choosing Select All.
  • Unlike the old Visibility panel, you'll now only see entity types in the browser if they're present in your plan.
  • The "Ignore Default Theme Library" setting has been removed.
  • The Focus Mode setting has been removed - you can achieve the same effect by hiding everything as PlanStudio automatically shows things that are needed for the current tool.
  • Everything is a lot faster!
  • Significantly improved performance when opening the sign preview mode for plans with large/complex nav meshes (it's now up to 25x faster).
  • Improved scrolling performance for large partners/clients in the Plan Manager.
  • Improved animation performance when moving around the Plan Manager and into plans.
  • Improved responsiveness when panning/zooming in the editor.
  • Improved performance of loading large plans.
  • Improved performance when deleting large numbers of entities at once.

Other new features/refinements

  • Graphics have a new Straighten Document mode so you can straighten things up even if a photo/scan is skewed/distorted from camera perspective.
  • You can now adjust the display ordering of Graphics by dragging them around in the Browser panel.
  • Graphics can now be rescaled based on a measurement taken from a scale drawing (or an estimated measurement based on a door width).
  • You can now drag-and-drop images/pdf files/georeferenced images over the editor to import them as new graphics.
  • You can now drag-and-drop to import Photos and Documents.
  • The Camera Rotation panel now allows you to type in a specific rotation.
  • The "Allow camera rotation" setting in the Preferences panel has been replaced with a lock/unlock toggle in the Camera Rotation panel.
  • Clicking the Match Selection button multiple times will toggle between 0/180 degrees relative to your.
  • You can now refresh all of the footprints in your site plan so that they're up-to-date with your floorplans.
  • Alarm Zones can how have holes added to them.
  • New hotkeys to jump between next/previous evac signs (ctrl + left/right on Windows, cmd + left/right on macOS).
  • Exported pkfs/other files now have the plan's name as the filename by default (instead of "plan.pkf").
  • You can now copy/paste adornments between diagrams.
  • The spacing between arrows in evac paths is now themeable.
  • You can now download icon images from icon libraries when you're editing them.
  • Labels can now have multiple lines.
  • You can now adjust the rotation of plans in standalone diagrams.
  • Hand-entered dates in data fields now need to match the data field's configured date formatting.
  • As long as you've used PlanStudio within the last 30 days, you'll stay logged in indefinitely.
  • Adornment text boxes in diagrams can now have customisable borders.
  • We've improved PlanStudio's touch handling so it's harder to accidentally zoom/rotate the plan when you're trying to pan.
  • Pressing Esc to finish editing text and deselect the text field now works for every single text input in PlanStudio. If the text field only supports a single line of text, pressing Enter will also deselect the text field.
  • The Import .cssplan file option has been removed from the new plan menu. You can continue to import .cssplan files by choosing "Import .pkf file".

Fixes & Other Improvements

  • Fixed an issue with the Reset button causing UI glitches when editing icons in the icon library.
  • Fixed the "Snap existing icons to walls" only applying to icons visible in your current view (and not those that are out-of-frame).
  • Fixed an issue with Room labels moving when given an excessively large font size.
  • Fixed an issue that caused text in text fields/text boxes to not be selectable in some cases.
  • Icons that are hidden from site plans in diagrams are now correctly hidden from the diagram's legend.

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