PlanStudio Update - V2.6

Written by
Hamish Thomson
Published on
December 1, 2021

What's new in the latest version of PlanStudio!

New Features

Smart Fill Drawing Mode

The zone tool has a new "smart fill" drawing mode, allowing you to easily fill in rooms/hallways/floors.

The Wall Boundary Type setting can be used to control where the zone is placed relative to the walls:

Custom Assembly Area Icons

Assembly Areas now support custom icons, allowing you to have different kinds of assembly areas within a plan.

  • For example, "Staff Assembly Area" or "Muster Point".
  • You can add custom AA icons in the new "Assembly Areas" section within icon libraries.

Once added, you can then configure custom icons for each assembly area in your plan, if desired. Evac Path Styles

There's a new "Primaries and Secondaries" evac path style for site plans.

  • When selected, evac paths on siteplans will show as primaries/secondaries based on nav mesh rules, just like floorplans.
  • We've also renamed the two other path styles to better describe their behaviour. Different Themes to Floorplans

You can now apply different themes to floorplans and siteplans within the same diagram.

  • When editing diagram templates, there's a new Theme Library Mode setting.
  • This defaults to Shared, but can be changed to Separated to allow you to have different theme libraries for floorplans and siteplans.

There's also a new Theme Override Mode setting that can be used to override themes differently for floorplans/siteplans per diagram. PDF & Word Documents to Anything

You can now attach PDF/Word documents to anything.

Hide Evac Path Break Lines

You can now use themeing to hide the break lines of evac paths. All Checkbox

There's a new Select All checkbox in the Diagrams list, to make it easier to select all diagrams in campuses with many buildings. Bugs

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements

  • If you have access to multiple partners, there's now a search field in the Select Partner screen.
  • We've changed how PlanStudio loads the list of diagrams for a campus to improve reliability on large campuses.
  • You'll now be prompted if you have any unsaved changes when editing the details of a client/campus/building, and you try to leave the page. Previously, you would lose your changes without any warning.
  • Fixed performance issues when creating zones in large plans.
  • Fixed misbehaving geotags after changing the natural rotation of a siteplan.
  • Improved readability of the Update Now button on the login screen when new PlanStudio versions are available.
  • Fixed the "Update Now" button not being visible on the Updated Required screen that appears if your version of PlanStudio is too old.
  • Fixed a crash caused by drawing outside of the app's window.
  • Fixed the text direction of vertical room labels being hard to control
  • Improved location search results to be more relevant to your geographic region + be more tolerant of spelling mistakes.

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