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Shaping Safety: The Evolution of PlanSafe's Design

Written by
Vicky Hawes
Published on
May 16, 2024
What precision design looks like...

Hamish Thomson - UI/UX Designer - Illustrated by Vicky Hawes

Q1: Tell us about what PlanSafe used to look like!

HT: PlanSafe was, hmm… let’s say it was ‘complicated’. While the technology driving the platform is impressive, and its foundation, the user experience and interface needed attention.


Q2: Why were you so keen to get your mitts on the visuals of PlanSafe?

HT: The UI & UX (user experience and user interface) are so important when it comes to a widely used platform like PlanSafe. They define how the software looks, how it feels and how it communicates, yet they are invisible unless something doesn’t work the way it’s expected to. The same way the act of opening a door is invisible, unless it’s a pull when it should be a push.

PlanSafe had a few ‘confusing doors’ and I was super keen to re-orientate them.


Q3: How long did it take to plan and implement the updates?

HT: This has been an on-going project for a few months now. It started by asking the big questions; What isn’t working? Why isn’t it working? What even is this?

After a bit of user research, the team iterated wireframes, then high-fidelity designs and finally development. It’s been a great project to work on with a first-class team.


Q4: What was your favourite part of this project to work on?

HT: Creating the design system for sure!

A design system is like a style guide for all the elements used in the design. Everything from colours and typography to granular things like spacings and shadows. Having all this documented makes it simple to continue adding new features to PlanSafe as the building blocks are laid out in front of us.


Q5: What do you hope the new version of PlanSafe will do for existing Partners and customers?

HT: In a sentence: Make it all make sense.


Q6: What can Partners and Customers expect from Locatrix in the future with PlanSafe?

HT: You won’t be left unattended. We’re here for the feedback and we’re motivated to continue improving PlanSafe. Just like fashion it’s never finished…


Q7: Your personal favourite new PlanSafe feature?

HT: That new map view really steams my clams 😊 It’s a great way to visualise the scale of what PlanSafe is all about… Safety.

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