Spatially Accurate Drafting
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Agile creation and modification of floorplans with spatial accuracy, data entry and tracking on any asset within a building.

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PlanStudio drafting software
Innovative Technology
That simplifies the capture of all assets and sharing of critical building information.
Gain Maximum Efficiency
By keeping your information exact while minimising time on site and interruption to your client’s operations.

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We're reinventing drafting together.

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CAD Drafting

With this app, users can draft, edit, view and add to spatially accurate computer aided designs (CAD) drawings directly from a tablet. While onsite, users can also increase their productivity and revenue by connecting their work to cloud storage and directly creating evacuation diagrams and signs.

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Increase Productivity

Traditionally, drafting software is complex and difficult to use. Often, a manual mark-up needs to be transferred onto a sign template by a third party. With PlanStudio®, users can handle this task quickly and effectively while walking through the building – no extra input is necessary.

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Every commercial building needs evacuation signs. Prior to this software, draftsmen could create a maximum of 15 evacuation signs per day. With PlanStudio®, evacuation signs can be created accurately and efficiently.

Daniel Hall
"PlanStudio has helped increase our evacuation diagram revenue by 300% and at the same time reducing our costs per plan"
- Daniel Hall, Full Range Fire Safety

Our Solutions

Individuals to enterprises, we've got you covered.

Multi-site Management

See at a glance who has completed training when and where. Stay safety savvy.

Cross Industry

Site and role specific, completely customisable. Everything from general safety training to unique personalised content.

Commercial Business Management

Providing safety information and training to those within the built environment.

LiDAR Scanning

Use LiDAR capability to visually scan the internals of your building to create a spatially accurate plan.

Automate Floorplans

Draft, edit, view and add to spatially accurate floorplans quickly and effectively while walking through a building.

Asset Data

Collect site specific details. Capture and store asset data like fire panel locations, exit paths and equipment photos on your floorplan.

Published Evacuation Signs

Our team of professional drafters create precise and accurate plans, printed and delivered to you, ready to mount.

Pre-Mark Up Solutions

Basic floorplans created from any information you already have. Ready for equipment and evacuation details to be added later.

Sign Updates

Already have signs that need updates? We can re-create any existing floorplan and modify it to your specifications.

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