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Why Have a Brand Promise?

Written by
Helen Hall
Published on
September 5, 2023

Nothing tests trust more than a promise.

At Locatrix, Trust is one of our most important values “Act with Integrity – Trust is a precious currency.  By doing the hard work necessary we are held to account”. 

Our Global promise of providing innovative technology that simplifies the capture of assets and sharing of building information.  That means all building data including emergency response procedures and processes is collected easily by certifiers to be saved and shared with first responders and facility managers.  This then provides them with the critical information they need to understand when responding to an incident or managing the operations of a building.

Our Emotional Promise speaks more specifically to PlanSafe, our online fire safety induction solution that delivers site and role specific online training to building occupants, any time anywhere, ensuring that they understand how to respond when an emergency arises.

Our Social Promise refers to our Emergency Services Platform, our way of sharing critical building information with the first responders, ensuring that the most current information is shared with those that need it most.

Our Functional Promise speaks to PlanStudio that sees us as the fire industries technology partner, arming them with the most Kick-ass indoor mapping solution which enables them to create indoor floor plans for customers quickly and accurately.

As Locatrix globalizes we appreciate the importance of getting the messaging correct for all markets.  Each country has its own significant needs which must be addressed differently.  These needs are dependent on many factors, be it environmental (disaster response – earthquake, fire, flood), lifestyle (how its residents live and work and their built environment) and behavioural (what risk factors does each country need to address).  Every situation requires an informed response.

Each promise speaks to our product suite and Our Why 

We don’t want to over complicate things, we just want to focus on what sets Locatrix apart from its competitors and support our customers the best way we know how.  Taking away the noise and allowing customers to focus on their core business outcomes.

And Why do we do this? Because we are Keeping People Safe using our Kick-ass Technology.