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How Richmond Heights increased efficiency by 75%

See how The City of Richmond Heights Division of Fire has implemented PlanStudio to increase efficiency.


The City of Richmond Heights Division of Fire is responsible for protecting the lives and property of the citizens of Richmond Heights, Ohio. With a population of 10,476 with 33% living in aging apartment complexes, there is a lot that the local fire department needs to be aware of to ensure the community’s fire safety. In addition to the residential buildings, there is a hospital, an airport, several large shopping malls, school systems, and four long term healthcare facilities and two industrial complexes, so a very complex demographic with many diverse safety needs.

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What's Required?

To do this effectively, the Fire Department must be prepared for any type of fire or emergency. One way that the FD prepares is by creating preplans for high-risk buildings. Preplans are detailed documents that provide information about the layout of a building, its fire protection systems, and potential hazards.

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Locatrix Solution

Through a Google search, Justin uncovered an affordable, user friendly, one stop shop application which would provide the accurate geospatial information that he could supply to emergency services in the form of a Pre-Plan. All the way over to the other side of the world and already widely used in Australia, Justin signed up online for a free trial for Locatrix’s PlanStudio.

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“PlanStudio is user-friendly and provides information essential to firefighting and survivability. Making pre-planning simple, by easily adding information such as utilities, egress, and fire equipment as a one-stop-shop with a concise, clear, and dynamic view which an incident commander can share with firefighters before they arrive at the scene”.
- Justin Magill, Richmond Heights Division of Fire
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Since implementation of PlanStudio In 2023, the Richmond Heights FD have started to see the following benefits:

Increased Efficiency - Pre-Plans can be created and updated quickly and easily on an iPad while completing walkthroughs. The software has saved the FD a significant amount of time in creating and updating Pre-Plans. Complex plans usually take 50-75% less time compared to the previous methods that did not include site specific photos and the level of detail achieved within PlanStudio.

Increased Accuracy - The software includes a cloud-based database of building information that is constantly being updated ensuring that Pre-Plans are always accurate. All data is georeferenced to the real-world enabling the data created to be utilized in existing GIS databases that dispatch centers may be using. This is important for firefighter safety, as it allows them to make informed decisions about how to approach a fire.

Increased Accessibility - Preplans can now be accessed from any device with an internet connection. This makes it easier for firefighters to access the information they need when they need it, regardless of where they are.

Enhanced Security - The software is password-protected and preplans can be encrypted. This helps to protect the information within the Pre-Plans from unauthorized access.

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