From PlanStudio to PlanSafe partner - Patrick Hall from AFP tells us why he took the plunge

Written by
Hamish Thomson
Published on
July 30, 2021

Patrick Hall CEO of Australian Fire Protection was always of great interest to Locatrix when we started out advertising PlanStudio. Everywhere you went on the Gold Coast you would see his evacuation signs in public buildings, always high quality and correctly fixed to walls providing the necessary information needed to keep the public safe in the case of an emergency. His website and marketing was excellent, AFP’s reputation was envied – they were certainly a Partner we wanted to introduce PlanStudio to.

Pat saw our marketing and accepted an invitation for a PlanStudio demo. He signed up right away. He is still producing his signs he is so proud of – only much faster and more signs than he was able to before. We don’t call it “Indoor mapping made easy” for nothing, it really does increase the efficiency and accuracy of production by more than 500%.

Realising he was onto a good thing, Pat wanted to know more about Locatrix and began AFP’s journey in understanding PlanSafe (our online Emergency Training) - and what timing too. The Pandemic significantly disrupted the delivery of face-to-face fire safety training so Pat needed a product to offer his customers to maintain their compliance. Not a “vanilla” approach but a site-specific solution that he found he was already contributing to when using PlanStudio to do a mark-up.

“During the Pandemic we saw an increased demand from our customers for an online solution to supplement face to face training. Upon meeting Kris Brown of Locatrix for the first time I immediately realized the potential of what Locatrix could offer should we partner with them. Seeing that both businesses share the same values and the customer journey vision, and also the fact that Locatrix at onetime mirrored what AFP does, helped to seal the deal.

On learning about PlanSafe, we decided to incorporate it where possible for clients we believe will benefit the most. Coming from an IT background in systems integration, programming and online training I could see the potential of PlanSafe and what it offers. As we go to market with PlanSafe, we realise It certainly suits larger businesses who have a large number of staff.”

Last quarter AFP led Locatrix’s growing Partner network (now over 130 companies and 1000 PlanStudio users) to take out the lead in PlanSafe Sales.

Reflecting on AFP’s quick PlanSafe success It’s only early days, but AFP is committed in offering PlanSafe for any client we recognise will benefit from the adoption of this platform”.

For the new business that Pat has introduced PlanSafe to, he notes that all have taken advantage of the customisation option and have added their own site-specific content. “This is done to varying degrees depending on the needs of a client and what they are looking at achieving. Client added content includes site specific induction for visitors and contractors, general evacuation and first response instruction and warden training. AFP also encourages this as we want clients to have ownership of the product so that it is readily used and adopted by staff”.

Customisation no doubt increases user engagement and Pat notes that from this experience this is certainly true. “The site content including any customisation, and also the inclusion of AFP’s own e-Train content has increased staff engagement as a whole. We are committed to continue to build on this”.

The secret to any successful implementation or change is always support, something that Locatrix is very committed to when forging a new Partnership and Pat agrees:

“Yes, we are supported by the whole team 100% with a special thanks to Kris who has assisted us throughout as we continue to learn and become more comfortable with the PlanSafe package and how it works behind the scenes which is a journey in itself”.

Pat believes the best part about the Locatrix partnership is that it increases AFP’s ability to provide a blended approach to learning. “The Locatrix partnership allows AFP to offer solutions that meet the needs of clients. Face to face including any hot fires will always be in demand as it provides a practical component that helps complete the overall solution. Feedback from our clients has been that the hands-on approach is so different when compared to an Online only or Virtual Reality approach. PlanSafe allows AFP to offer a blended approach that many clients do appreciate”.

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