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Uptick & Locatrix Partner Story

Written by
Helen Hall
Published on
October 27, 2020

Uptick software is a world class software product implemented in 1 in every 4 buildings in Australia.  Supporting building owners with the management of their asset maintenance and compliance needs, Aidan Lister Uptick Managing Director, talks to us about how he is passionate about improving building safety and where he sees the partnership with Locatrix further addressing that need.

Aidan graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) from Monash University in 2008, and after a brief stint in defence engineering, moved to London. At the time London was fast becoming a start-up hotspot like San Francisco, and says he just fell in love with a new world of fast paced raw creation.

“I've always been a technologist, having learned my first programming language around the age of 12."

My Dad tells a story of one of his friends asking me what language I was programming in and with all the indignation a 12-year-old could muster I replied,

“English obviously! I started a website building company when I was 16 which kept me well financed with tuckshop money through University.”

In London, Aidan pivoted his business to distressed project consulting which kept him funded while working on a half-dozen start-ups with varying success.

It was at this time Aidan came across Uptick.  Uptick was a distressed project consulting Software project he was working on for a large national auditor. They had invested a considerable amount of time and money in building a system but couldn't quite get it over the line.

“Our initial recommendation was to find and customise something off the shelf, however after an exhaustive search we didn't find anything close to what we needed. Recognising the gap and market need, we partnered with them to rebuild the system on a modern foundation, and after 6 months of 80-100 hour weeks we launched the product to market.”

Aidan predicts that within 10 years technicians will no longer be servicing assets from a list, they'll be servicing from a floorplan.

“We've been looking for a partner to provide indoor mapping since the early days of Uptick, which is why we were so excited to partner with Locatrix shortly after PlanStudio was launched.”

Aidan and John Hummelstad, CEO of Locatrix, were introduced through a joint project they were working on for a major bank. Once Aidan saw the power of PlanStudio, he knew he had to partner up.

“Uptick is the most popular asset maintenance solution on the market. Our customers maintain millions of assets and over 100,000 buildings each year. Helping our customers find and service those assets quickly can reduce time on site. In case studies with Sydney University we have seen time on site decrease by up to 50%. Our partnership with Locatrix will create millions of dollars of savings across our customer base every year.”

Aidan believes that building owners will spend more on resolving defects when they understand them and the assets involved.

“We've seen this through a massive increase in quote approval after introducing photo rich defect quotes, and we expect to see this improve further with the introduction of floorplans throughout our customer portal.”

Uptick has launched full digital logbooks to eliminate the requirement for first responders to enter a burning building to recover paper logbooks. This initiative together with the Locatrix application ESP which provides Emergency Services with the critical building information collated through its PlanStudio and PlanSafe applications, shows that both Uptick and Locatrix have one shared philosophy: to enable full digitisation of critical building information, with the intent to better improve situational awareness of first responders.

“It is often the most obvious ideas that are ignored for the longest time.”

John Hummelstad says.

Locatrix + Uptick = Digital Indoor Mapping and Building Compliance made easy.