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Townsville Area Health - Case Study

Written by
Hamish Thomson
Published on
August 3, 2020

Executive Summary

This case study is to demonstrate the PlanSafe approach to managing the delivery of fire and emergency safety training within the Health Care sector. It will focus specifically on how the system has assisted Townsville Area Health a large and geographically widespread health service supporting North Queensland. It will showcase how PlanSafe provided a complete solution not only ensuring all facilities within the area were trained but also developing streamlined and ongoing systems and procedures to ensure easy and ongoing compliance.

“Their vision for the future is incredible and their technology is unlike any other system. It’s really opened up a whole new way of managing safety and evacuation procedures, which is essential to every business.”

Narelle Stubbins

Manager of Health, Safety, Environmental and Training Unit

Identifying the Challenges

The successful Implementation of PlanSafe faced the following challenges:

  • Cost, time and logistics of training in multiple sites that were geographically widespread.
  • Training to meet diverse sites including hospitals, aged care facilities, and community health campuses.
  • Inconsistent systems and procedures including training practices and record keeping.
  • The expansive number of people requiring training - over 5,000.

PlanSafe Solution

To provide a complete solution for Townsville Area Health, PlanSafe took a whole of business approach, the Account and Project Managers worked with the team of emergency and rescue professionals and safety training experts. They created an online fire and emergency training package suitable for inductions and the training of existing staff. The online package also provides emergency management capabilities for wardens in line with regulations and standards. To assist with ongoing compliance they have developed a function alerting all staff via email 6 weeks prior to the expiration of their certification to ensure they complete their reassessment.


At the time of implementation, the PlanSafe solution resulted in more than 5,000 people being trained. The complete solution also delivered for Townsville Area Health: an up to date emergency management plan; established systems and procedures to deliver and record training and a mechanism to alert and manage ongoing training requirements in line with regulations and standards.

The PlanSafe Solution delivered:

  • Substantial savings to the customer with an ROI of less than $5-$7/head including Warden Training.
  • Over 50% savings compared to the original training model.
  • Provides records on-demand and site-specific details presented to the system users.

PlanStudio 3.4

Improved evacuation pathfinding, UI enhancements and more...
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