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Health Industry - Case Study

Written by
Hamish Thomson
Published on
June 15, 2020


The Health Industry is one that is required to pass stringent annual accreditation checks and one that emergency situations occur more frequently. Operators are often responsible for the compliance of tens of thousands of employees and contractors and it is critical that all are properly trained for every emergency, quickly and with minimal disruption.

“The PlanSafe platform enabled Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service to ensure that our staff, volunteers, service partners and contractors had completed their mandatory fire and evacuation training prior to occupying the new Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital. The web based program was easy to access and any changes within the new building were readily incorporated within the system to enable ‘real time’ learning. Overall, the system provided an efficient and effective solution to managing the significant fire and evacuation training requirements of our new hospital.”

Karen Davies

Director, Safety and Wellbeing, Children’s Health

Queensland Hospital and Health Service

Identifying the Challenges

An online system has been developed to induct people, who come with different roles and responsibilities, with the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure they remain safe at hospitals. The induction process ensures all Work Health & Safety (WH&S) and Emergency Planning regulatory requirements are adhered to.

The industry is looking for a single system to:

  • Provide a single source of information for all types of employees, contractors, ECO members (wardens) and volunteers.
  • Meet all of the legislative and administrative requirements of Work Health and Safety.
  • Provide an easy to use online system to induct people who work with injured, disabled and elderly people, medical equipment, hazardous materials, etc.
  • Automate record keeping of trainees who have been inducted/trained and those who need renewal.
  • Provide capability for individual training aspects based on the location (site specific induction).
  • Provide skills and knowledge to those with a less than optimal prerequisite understanding of technology.
  • Ensure every inductee undertakes an assessment to confirm competency.

PlanSafe Solution

PlanSafe’s online safety induction and emergency management program provides safety information and safety training to employees, contractors, ECO members (wardens) and volunteers through a single system that provides 100% compliance with the current WH&S Legislation, the Building Fire Safety Regulations (BFSR-2008) and the Australian Standards (AS 3745-2010).


As the industry has specific requirements (e.g. working with injured, disabled and elderly people, medical equipment, hazardous materials, etc.), much configuration work has been invested to create a specific induction portal that covers the broad set of hazards that health must manage. Interactive floor plans are created for each site and building (wards, public areas, theatres, etc.) to provide localised information on any form of equipment at each facility. Present-day fire safety equipment training videos, a library of 70 Emergency Services certified videos for employees, first responders, contractors and Wardens are integrated into the portal. Site specific Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) Instruction for Safety and Fire Wardens are provided, these videos are customised to the racing industry’s requirements.

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