A little about us...

Our Story

Locatrix, which was acquired by Concept Safety Systems in 2018, was built on the foundation of implementing processes in order to keep people safe, while ensuring people were adequately trained in emergency response. By acquiring Locatrix, Concept Safety Systems aquired the capability to pinpoint locations of the people its program seeks to protect. The board of Concept Safety recognised the synergy between the two businesses, resulting in the acquisition of Locatrix and subsequent rebrand of Concept Safety Systems to Locatrix.

Our mission is unique, but simple – to keep people safe, while supporting efficient building management with spatially accurate floor plans, asset data, and evidence collection. We provide three emergency management solutions – PlanStudio, PlanSafe, and the Emergency Services Platform (ESP). These products enable clients to achieve and maintain their safety standards when it comes to protecting people across multiple facilities and sites.

At the core of our offering is spatially accurate and interactive floor plans, providing users with visibility of their emergency exit paths, equipment location, and assembly areas. These plans can be viewed in two and three-dimensional, and they also have the capability to be fully immersive depending on client requirements and preferences.

The world is changing, and emergencies including natural disasters, terrorism, and shootings are escalating. As these incidents increase in frequency and severity, so does our need for innovative, emergency response solutions. That’s where we come in.

Our Values

Openness with Respect

It is important to be able to speak your mind and contribute to Locatrix. Only a well-considered opinion will be respected – this is your responsibility, words are powerful use them wisely and with care.

Less Fear and More Heart

“Perfect is the enemy of the Good” – Voltaire 1720 

Mistakes are ok – just learn from them. Every day we push for perfection with the acceptance that we are not there yet.

Don't Screw the Client

Without them we have no purpose. Listen to them, respect them and be honest with them. 

Value your Team

Be civil, show empathy they will have your back when times are tough. If it’s not fun it is work and we all dislike work.

Our Why?

We believe in keeping people safe in buildings by enabling easy capture and sharing of critical building information for public safety professionals via our software applications.

Our Technology

We provide three emergency management solutions – PlanStudio, PlanSafe, and the Emergency Services Platform (ESP). PlanStudio is an easy-to-use app that provides users with a simple and easy way to mark-up a building or structure and create spatially accurate floor plans and evacuation diagrams. PlanSafe is our online safety induction and emergency management program. This system provides safety information and training to those within the built environment. Our Emergency Services Platform (ESP) delivers critical building information to First Responders, making it easier for them to manage incidents and save lives. 

Our History


Emergency Services Platform

  • Linking Emergency Plans for 7M SQM to First Responders

  • Launch Emergency Services Platform (ESP)

  • Partnership with QFES 

  • Proof of concept developing with Police and Fire interstate

Our Qualifications