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How building owners took safety to the next level using Locatrix.

TasRacing have dramatically improved industry safety awareness, thanks to PlanSafe.
With the help of Locatrix, CQUniversity has dramatically improved its safety awareness.

How Emergency Services took safety to the next level using Locatrix.

Safety Learning Case Study- Dreamworld Tragedy
Following the Dreamworld tragedy in 2016, CSS has been working with the safety team to develop a detailed integrated safety management plan using PlanStudio.

How General Contractors took safety to the next level using Locatrix.

Thanks to Locatrix, Ozcare has raised the bar in safety awareness and compliance.

How Locatrix could help enhance your business.

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How leading businesses took safety to the next level using Locatrix


Dynamick Fire Tesimonial


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Customer Retention

Form closer relationships with your clients, expand your product offering and identify additional revenue streams.

Disruptive Technology

Use Locatrix technology to become more profitable. We can show you a new way in floor plan technology.


Get your own PlanSafe platform for your office and receive free on-site training for your staff. We provide our partners with dedicated technical partner managers, and will guide you all the way.

Channel Oriented

Increase your leads – we have a partner-centric focus and frequently pass leads on to our partners. We offer deal registration, and our partners are protected in deals or their industry.

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