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  • Channel Oriented

    Increase your leads – we have a partner-centric focus and frequently pass leads on to our partners. We offer deal registration, and our partners are protected in deals or their industry.

  • Customer Retention

    Form closer relationships with your clients, expand your product offering and identify additional revenue streams.

  • Training

    Get your own PlanSafe platform for your office and receive free on-site training for your staff. We provide our partners with dedicated technical partner managers, and will guide you all the way.

  • Disruptive Technology

    Use Locatrix technology to become more profitable. We can show you a new way in floor plan technology.

How It Works

An introduction from our CEO John Hummelstad.

More Info

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How leading businesses took safety to the next level using Locatrix
Steve Shirlaw - Form1
Form1 have been partnering with Locatrix for over five years now. During that time, we have progressed in delivering our clients high quality evacuation signs. This partnership has led to great discovery and advancement in enabling Form1 to use PlanStudio - a drafting software designed by Locatrix which delivers spatially accurate floor plans to our clients, and directly into the hands of Form1 staff.
The program has gone from strength to strength, and we are very excited about what the future can bring. By working together, additional feature adjustments have been made to the software which will help Form1 reduce the amount of time required to deliver evacuation signs.
At Form1, we are big believers in doing whatever we can to improve our method of delivery in order to produce a high quality product to out clients, every time. This is a goal we share with Locatrix, and the future for both organisations is looking bright.

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