PlanStudio Update - V2.4

Written by
Hamish Thomson
Published on
August 5, 2021

What's new in the latest version of PlanStudio!

New Features


Details now have Adjustable Thickness

  • Hairline thickness is the existing behaviour - details will always appear as thin as possible at all zoom levels.
  • Print scale makes details retain the same scale at any zoom - as you zoom in and out the details will appear at the same thickness on screen.
  • Plan scale makes details scale with the plan - they will grow and shrink as you zoom in and out.

The Colour and Thickness of Evac Paths is now Themeable

The Thickness of the Leader Line for You Are Here Indicators is now Themeable

When Geotagging using the Siteplan Mode, Satellite Imagery is now Visible if it's Enabled in the Siteplan

Assembly Areas now Appear Over the Top of Floor & Plan Footprints


Improved Wording in the Resolve Conflict Card

  • This card appears when there's conflicts between the plan on your device and what's been saved to our servers, which can happen when two people change the same plan at once.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements

  • Selected tool modes now have a more prominent highlight.
  • Floor/siteplan data is now loaded at the same as other resources, reducing load times.
  • PS-222: The Escape key now dismisses the icon search popup.
  • PK-2294: Fixed a crash caused by trying to use UTF-16 encoded SVG files in PlanStudio.
  • PK-2297: Fixed a crash when previewing evac paths of signs that aren't valid.
  • PK-2277: Fixed a crash caused by rotating floor footprints that have a zero-length segment in them.
  • PS-219: Fixed a crash caused by closing the photo preview popup while it was still panning.
  • PK-2269: Fixed a crash when attempting to move a vertical detail line.
  • PK-2312: Fixed a crash caused by drawing invalid stairways.
  • PK-2322: Fixed a crash when exporting .dxf files of plans that have wall blobs drawn in a particular way.
  • PK-2323: Fixed an issue that prevented the layouts of standalone icons from being cloned when using the Clone Settings function.
  • PK-2316: Fixed an issue that caused the Diagrams list to show a 404 error if you hadn't opened the campus's site plan at least once.
  • PK-2317: Fixed an issue that could cause the "To Assembly Area" text on diagrams to be laid out differently between the diagram preview and the Print Preview mode/published diagrams.
  • PK-2319: Fixed an bug that prevented you from importing footprints on large campuses when using the Satellite layer.
  • PK-2299: Fixed the "Capture Street Map" functionality not working.
  • PK-2302: Fixed an issue that could cause the Favourite Icons window to instantly close after being opened.
  • PK-2296: Fixed toolbar buttons moving around when changing modes in the feature and annotation tools.
  • PK-2271: Fixed a bug that caused text to overflow outside of its bounding box in diagram templates.
  • PS-206: Fixed an issue that meant you could have only spaces for client/campus/building/floor names.
  • PS-226: Fixed an inconsistency in tooltip wording where "Manipulation Mode" was being referred to as "Pen Mode".
  • PS-126: Fixed an issue on Windows that could cause text fields to not be editable occasionally.
  • PS-202: Fixed an issue that prevented the camera from activating on macOS due to missing permissions.
  • PS-209: Fixed an issue that caused walls to not snap to junctions sometimes.
  • PK-2270: Fixed a styling issue with the Plans/Diagrams tab bar in the Plan Manager's Campus view.
  • PK-2275: Fixed an issue that allows notes to be added to zones even when their layer was locked.
  • PK-2274: Fixed an issue that could cause part of a wall to not display when it was intersecting with another wall.
  • PK-2285: When satellite tile sets fail to load, PlanStudio no longer shows you an "Unable to load Tile Set" error and now allows you to continue loading the plan.
  • MS-1654: Fixed an issue that prevented floorplans from being duplicated.