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Visual Asset Management - taking Locatrix's PlanStudio Next Level

Written by
Hamish Thomson
Published on
September 22, 2021

Locatrix is a company that has seen significant change, growth and development in a very short time. We are a technology inventor responsible for the delivery of PlanStudio, an application which has revolutionised the indoor mapping market. PlanStudio enables users to automate the production of indoor floor plans using geospatial technology.

Now representing Australian fire industry organisations covering approximately 80% of the production of evacuation diagrams, PlanStudio, since its launch in May 2019 has collected approximately 30 million sqm of indoor data, providing our partners, clients and building owners greater insights to their properties.

Feedback received from all our PlanStudio users is that it has been ground-breaking for the enablement to streamline the process of creating digital floor plans and standardising the process of providing high quality evacuation diagrams. PlanStudio’s brilliance is not only recognised by its users, but also by Gartner® in their report “Competitive Landscape: Indoor Mapping”, Authored by Annette Zimmerman and Tim Zimmerman: published 11 March 2021. To understand more about this market, please visit the link below to view the Gartner report.

,Gartner Reprint

We are very proud of being able to better enable our industry to provide the end customer with a better product. What we are noticing however, is we have the ability and obligation to further develop PlanStudio and provide even more to wider markets and the end customer and solve bigger problems. For example:

Have you ever been involved in an induction to a new workplace where you had to become familiar with the assets, such as air conditioning systems, passenger lifts, security systems? Have you had to manage and negotiate service level agreements to maintain these assets? It can be a real headache for anyone to efficiently manage with the added expectation of maintaining consequential Work Health Safety requirements. How about arranging for a contractor such as a Plumber or Electrician to service an item of which there are many within the building – are you sure they have repaired the precise one with the issue or mistakenly serviced an identical asset? Have you ever searched for an as-built plan that shows up to date information where you can identify where all these assets are located in order to communicate that level of detail? Well, these are the issues Locatrix now wishes to address.

In PlanStudio’s September update, a user will be able to enable data collection through PlanStudio. This will enable a visual asset management system that we believe will be an industry leader.

By expanding PlanStudio’s data collection capabilities, the user is able to capture and store critical information such as serial numbers or contract expiry dates to every item and object in PlanStudio without the restriction of requiring an Icon.

By doing this, a greater range and higher quality data can now be captured and stored on objects such as walls, doors and fixed assets that can help create a richer floorplan and more comprehensive understanding of what is in a building.

Along with the extended capture ability Locatrix has also introduced a new User Interface which will make setting up, consolidating and editing these data fields much faster and more intuitive, as well as adding better options on the type of data that users collect.

Our development team is working hard to continue to improve and develop these features and many more to eventually deliver a complete visual asset management program that delivers one source of truth to be shared.

Some of you may be asking “why?” and the simple answer is to push PlanStudio to bigger markets, to better enable an interface for asset management. We want building owners to have more than a spreadsheet of their assets. We want them to be able to see and even way-find to the assets’ precise location.

As a strategic move and needing to ensure that we are meeting the market demands of the Facility Management industry, Locatrix has appointed Cameron Scott to our Advisory Board. For over 25 years, Cameron has worked in the corporate real estate and facilities management outsourcing sector for Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL). He has operated in over 20 geographical markets in Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Americas. Cameron’s appointment is strategic for Locatrix. Locatrix now is looking to grow further through innovation, leveraging data for clients and expanding through its channel partners who will then be able to provide more service to their customers.

“Cameron will provide us insights and market positioning and most of all strategic advice and guidance that can only be provided by someone who has been at the top of the industry for more than 20 years. We are thrilled to have him on board”

- John Hummelstad CEO

Locatrix is listening to the market demand and preparing for an exciting future which we want our Partner network to be a key part of. In time, we hope to provide an additional product for customers enabling them to collect their own data on a layer of the plan created and updated annually by their appointed compliance industry specialists using PlanStudio, allowing them a view that helps them better manage their building and operations.

These are the first steps towards a product we hope to fully release a new Visual Asset Management product called PlanViewer within the foreseeable future.

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