PlanStudio Update - V2.5

Written by
Hamish Thomson
Published on
September 28, 2021

What's new in the latest version of PlanStudio!

New Features

Custom data field support

PlanStudio Now Supports Custom Data Fields Across the Board

If you can add it to a plan, you can capture your own custom data for it.

This replaces the existing "metadata" configuration that was available in icon libraries. All existing icon metadata fields will now be available as Data Fields.

You can customise which fields apply to which features. This allows you to do things like have an "Extinguisher Capacity" field only apply to icon types representing fire extinguishers, or have a "Pressure" field only apply to network types representing water/gas pipes.

Data Fields can be given a data type to assist with capturing data in a consistent format.

  • The Text data type allows for free-form text entry.
  • The Automatic Text data type is useful when you need to assign identifiers to things, and you want PlanStudio to automatically generate them. You can have PlanStudio apply a prefix/suffix to the identifier to automatically generate text like "EXT-019" or "Unit 1234".
  • The Date data type allows you to choose a specific date formatting (e.g DD/MM/YYYY or MM/YYYY) and provides you with a date picker when editing plans.
  • The Drop-down data type allows you configure a set of options (e.g "Pass"/"Fail"/"Not Tested") which you can choose from in a drop-down when editing plans.

Data captured using custom data fields can be exported using the "Export .csv file" option. The exported .csv file can be imported into Excel or any other spreadsheet software. tune hinged door swing arcs

Swing Arcs

The swing arcs of hinged doors can now be customised using the new 'Arc Mode'.

  • You can easily flip the arc of hinged doors to the other side of a wall, as well as have a 180° arc for doors that swing on both sides of a wall.
  • It's possible to fine-tune the swing arc beyond 90° or 180°, so you can give cupboard/closet doors a more traditional 45° swing arc.
  • Double hinged doors can now be easily converted into one-and-a-half hinged doors, or vice versa. with finger & stylus configuration

Touch Mode

You can now use the new 'Touch Mode' setting to configure how PlanStudio behaves on touch screens.

  • The 'None' option disables touch inputs, even if you're using a touchscreen device.
  • The 'Stylus + Fingers' option requires a stylus. You edit the plan with the stylus, pan with one finger, and zoom/rotate with two fingers. This is how PlanStudio normally works.
  • The 'Fingers Only' option doesn't require a stylus. You edit the plan with one finger, and pan/zoom/rotate the camera with two fingers.

Squashing bugs

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements

  • PK-2353: Fixed a crash caused by drawing walls/nav meshes with a snapping sensitivity of zero.
  • PK-2329: The evac sign wizard now longer appears in diagram preview mode.
  • PK-2340: When drawing wall blobs with a rotated camera, they will now align correctly to your current rotation.
  • PK-2341: Fixed an issue that caused sliding doors to float away from walls if drawn too close to a parallel wall.
  • PK-2347: Removed an old "Import Icons..." button from the Icon Library admin section that didn't actually work.
  • PK-2348: Fixed an issue that caused imported SVG images to not be clipped correctly in icons and diagram templates.
  • PK-2349: Restored the ability to zoom with the scroll wheel while zooming.
  • PK-2383: Selecting by touch works consistently now.
  • PK-2384: Fixed security camera arcs not being editable + a crash caused by editing security camera fields.
  • PK-2377: Fixed photos not saving correctly.
  • PK-2376: Improved performance when handling requests for multiple plans/diagrams at the same time.
  • PK-2388: Fixed an issue that caused standalone icons to appear correctly in siteplans in PlanStudio, but not when published.
  • PK-2387: Fixed an issue that caused data fields on fixed icons to not display in diagrams.

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