PlanSafe Update - V433

Written by
Hamish Thomson
Published on
September 12, 2021

What's new in the latest version of PlanSafe!


Added the ability to specify child navigations to use in generated documents.

With this change, you are now able to specify specific pieces of content on a document generation template instead of an entire module.

To do this, you can add a tag to your template by adding the name of each navigation preceded by a colon and a space. For example, using the below tag will allow you to add the ‘Code Orange – Evacuation’ content to a generated document;

Added ordering for worker types.

With this change, you are now able to re-order your worker types from the Setup menu by dragging the striped box so that the worker types display in the desired order. Re-ordering your worker types will affect the order that they display in when learners are prompted to select their worker types when adding/updating a location.


Add the ability to customise banner colours of individual content pieces.

With this change, when you customise a piece of content you are now able to customise the banner colour, without affecting the banner colour of any other campuses that use that same content piece.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements

  • FEP-4127: Fixed an issue where areas with commas wouldn’t sync properly.
  • FEP-4142: Update PlanSafe emails to use the new PlanSafe logo.
  • FEP-4209: Fixed a crash that would occur when you double clicked on the System Content table.
  • FEP-4210: Fixed an issue where the ‘Switch View’ dropdown could not be seen when previewing training.
  • FEP-4213: Fixed an issue where the modified date on a document wouldn’t update when uploading a new revision.
  • FEP-4217: Fixed an issue where the version number made it difficult to select certain tabs.
  • FEP-4218: Fixed an issue where the automatic colour selection was not always working as expected.
  • FEP-4250: Security Updates.
  • FEP-4255: Fixed several issues that occurred when a campus was using an image from the stock library.
  • FEP-4257: Fixed an issue where users were able to select multiple rows in tables that didn’t support it.
  • FEP-4258: Fixed an issue when sorting the learner list by Last Login.
  • FEP-4261: Fixed a crash that would occur in the training when an ECO member had a missing image.
  • FEP-4265: Fixed an issue where Generated FEP’s would be made public upon creation.
  • FEP-4266: Fixed a duplicate folder issue in the FTP when migrating a campus to MS.
  • FEP-4268: Fixed an issue where the navigation sidebar would constantly resize with certain lengths of text.
  • FEP-4269: Fixed a bug where the navigation sidebar would not expand while going through training.
  • FEP-4271: Fixed an issue where the expiry date wouldn’t change when updating a document.
  • FEP-4277: When cloning a campus, PlanSafe will also clone any custom content.
  • FEP-4280: Fixed an issue where the loading indicator wouldn’t appear when updating search filters in reporting.
  • FEP-4282: Fixed a crash that would occur when an ECO member had a missing Cessation Date.
  • FEP-4284: Fixed an issue where image thumbnails were not displaying correctly in some menus.
  • FEP-4287: Fixed an issue with document generation that would result in a corrupted document.
  • FEP-4295: Removed the ability to delete a campus while it’s set to live.
  • FEP-4300: Improved report generation performance.
  • FEP-4302: Fixed an issue where images in the stock library would not work display in the interactive planviewer.
  • FEP-4321: Fixed a crash that would occur when using the EPC control.
  • FEP-4337: Fixed an issue where the date was not formatted correctly when using quick learner lookup.
  • FEP-4347: Fixed an issue with column ordering on the Manage Learners table.
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