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Meet Our Advisory Board Member Alan Clarke

Written by
Hamish Thomson
Published on
April 24, 2019
40 Years in the NSW Police Force

Alan Clarke joined the New South Wales Police Force in 1976, serving his community for over 40 years before retiring from his position as Assistant Commissioner in 2016. He was the Commander of the New South Wales Police Major Events and Incidents Group (MEIG) and managed all high-risk public order response, as well as major event planning. Alan was also awarded the Australian Police Medal (APM) for distinguished service during his tenure.


Joining the Locatrix Emergency Industry Advisory Board


Now, Alan brings his experience and influence to the Locatrix Emergency Industry Advisory Board where he is keen to do whatever he can to contribute to the improvement of delivering critical information for emergency response.


Alan has coordinated interstate and overseas deployments of New South Wales Police to assist in emergencies such as the Victorian Bushfires, Queensland Floods and Christchurch Earthquake, just to name a few.


When Alan first saw Locatrix’s Emergency Services Platform (ESP) he was “totally impressed” and is grateful to be involved knowing that the platform will give great value to First Responders.


In Alan’s words:

“The system will completely revolutionise emergency response. It’s exciting for me to be involved in the Locatrix Advisory Board in providing the perspective of an Operational Commander to the technology team at Locatrix, to build a better offering.”


According to John Hummelstad, the CEO of Locatrix:

“We were guessing many of the requirements that First Responders were wanting in the ESP – but when Alan speaks, we take notes and it is his direct insight that has allowed us to build such an interesting offering.”


The Importance of Emergency Planning


While Alan’s focus remains firmly on the road ahead, he stressed the importance of remembering that what we do is about so much more than emergency response.

“At the crux of it all,” he said, “it’s about emergency planning. Locatrix takes a holistic response and allows building owners and operators to fully prepare for an emergency that could have an impact on their occupants. If we can get this right, the job for emergency services will become much less complicated.”


We are honoured to have Alan Clarke as a member of our advisory board, and we know he will continue to contribute positively and effectively to the future of community safety.

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