PlanSafe is an online safety induction and emergency management program. With site-specific Induction, WHS procedures and legislative updates PlanSafe keeps your compliant.


Saftey Training

PlanSafe is our online safety induction and emergency management program. This system provides safety information and training to those within the built environment – namely building owners, employees, contractors, visitors, volunteers and wardens. PlanSafe enables clients to achieve compliance with current Workplace Health and Safety Legislation, and Building Fire Safety Regulations and Australian Standards (AS 3745-2010).

Fire & Evacuation Plans

PlanSafe provides users with an online Fire & Evacuation Plan (FEP) plus employee training and reporting features that allow records to be maintained and produced, in keeping with a building occupiers safety compliance obligations.


Site Specific

If you are looking for personalised, interactive, user-friendly and visually appealing emergency management software, enquire about PlanSafe today.

PlanSafe User Guide

New to PlanSafe?  Before using PlanSafe, review the PlanSafe User Guide.  This provides step by step tutorial.  You can also view and/or download the guide on your PlanSafe Login page and find it in the “HELP” section.


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