We're Hiring!

Mid-Level Software Engineer

Full-stack Engineer | Full-Time or Part-Time | Brisbane, Australia
Hybrid On-site/WFH (up to 80% remote)

About Us

Locatrix makes indoor mapping easy. We automate much of the work needed to create evacuation signs/plans/fire training required by fire codes in many jurisdictions, which has the by-product of creating spatially accurate indoor data. We've mapped over 54,000,000 sqm so far! Our mission is to allow building owners and occupants to stay safe and leverage their indoor data with a healthy respect for privacy.

We’ve got some exciting things on our roadmap and we’re looking for a mid-level Software Engineer to join our SEQ-based team and help make them a reality.

Our Loganholme office location is easily accessible by car and public transport - we’re 10 minutes’ walk from the Hyperdome bus station. We offer flexible hours/working from home.

What You Will Do

Working as a part of the engineering team at Locatrix, you will:

  • Help develop and maintain our existing products (PlanSafe and PlanStudio)
  • Develop new products/capabilities
  • Work at all levels of our stack – from frontend to backend
  • Contribute to our sprint planning process
  • Review other engineer’s code as part of a peer review process
  • Maintain high standards of reliability and usability as our products grow in usage and complexity
  • Collaborate with other people outside the engineering team
  • ~We “eat our own dogfood” at Locatrix, so you’ll have the chance to work directly with users of the software that you develop

Tech Stack

We have a mixed tech stack at Locatrix, meaning that you’ll get a chance to build experience in many areas as you work on our different products!

  • TypeScript
  • Node
  • React
  • Electron
  • Small amounts of Swift/iOS native code
  • Modern .NET in our core services
  • .NET Framework in one of our existing apps
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Docker
  • Azure

Your Background/Experience

We’re looking for someone with:

  • At least 2-3 years of commercial/open-source experience as a software engineer
  • Australian residency or PR

A successful candidate will be able to demonstrate at least one of:

  • High degree of competency with JavaScript + React
  • ~Our existing code uses class-based React components, but we'd welcome Hooks experience!
  • High degree of competency with CSS/related tech
  • ~Any of plain CSS, Sass, CSS-in-JS frameworks, etc are fine
  • High degree of competency with TypeScript
  • High degree of competency with Node
  • High degree of competency with C#

As this is a mid-level role, you don’t need to have in-depth experience across the board, however having a high degree of competency in at least one area will demonstrate an ability to learn in-depth that can transfer to other areas.

That said, experience in more than one area is desirable, as are any of these skills:

  • Experience with Azure
  • Experience with Docker/containers
  • Experience using dev tools to profile/benchmark and assist with optimising slow code paths
  • Experience with JS bundling/compilation tools e.g Webpack, tsc, esbuild
  • Experience with WebGL/high-performance rendering

We know that everyone's career pathway is unique, so if you think you'd be successful in this role but don't match 100% of the criteria, we'd still encourage you to reach out.

  • Monthly flexidays that allow you take time off without cutting into your leave balance.
  • Flexible start/stop hours. Our core hours are 10am - 4pm, and you can start your day earlier or later depending on your preference.
  • Flexibility of WFH or on-site working. You can work up to 80% remote if you'd like or spend every day in the office if you'd prefer. Either way, you'll have a guaranteed desk in our office.
  • We're light-on with the "company culture" piece - our perks are based on enhancing people's work/life balance and giving you more time to do the things you love.

How To Apply

Please send a copy of your CV to jobs@locatrix.com and mention how you found this listing (SEEK, locatrix.com, HN, a direct link from someone, etc).