Uploading to PlanStudio

What can I upload to PlanStudio?

You may upload works that you have created entirely yourself

This includes photos and videos such as:

  • Natural landscapes, animals, plants

  • Public figures and people photographed in public places

  • Useful or non-artistic objects

  • Original graphs, maps, diagrams and audio

Remember: All content uploaded to PlanStudio is subject to the PlanStudio Terms and Conditions.

We can't accept works created or inspired by others

By default, you can't upload someone else's work. This includes material such as:

  • Logos

  • Promotional photos

  • Screenshots of TV shows, movies, DVD's and software

  • Most pictures published on the internet

  • Imagery from online map providers (Google, Bing, Mapbox, etc), unless you have a license and permission to use their imagery

...with two main exceptions

You can upload someone else's work if the author granted permission for anyone to use, copy, modify and sell it.

You may use map imagery provided by Locatrix or provided by the PlanStudio application for use within PlanStudio.

In conclusion

You can upload your original works.

We can't accept works from others without their explicit permission.

Thank you for your help: this is important.