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We at Locatrix would like to thank you for coming and saying hello to us at our Stand at the FA21 Conference last week.

The conference was an absolute success, we were thrilled to have so many members of the fire industry interested to learn more about what Locatrix can do in order to improve service to the  customer and save more lives with PlanStudio, PlanSafe and the ESP.

Thank you for entering our wine raffle and congratulations to the winner of our wine raffle – James Foot of Total Fire Solutions!

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More than half of our registered visitors signed up to using PlanStudio so thank you for trusting us with our partnership.  We wish you the very best with your onboarding and hope that you feel supported in becoming familiar with the Locatrix applications.

For those of you who haven’t yet made up your mind, why don’t you book a demo?

Its free to download the application and charges only incur when you publish a sign.

We are developing the software constantly and plan to increase the functionality of PlanStudio to the Indoor mapping market and asset management/tracking. Attached is a link that explains a little more about how we are positioning ourselves in the indoor mapping market.

So why would you be a Locatrix Partner? 

One good reason is to remain competitive. 80% of this industry has realised the efficiencies gained with the software and are increasing their capability thanks to PlanStudio.  The best reason however is to be part of a bigger purpose, where building owners, certifiers and emergency services work together to make buildings safer and save lives. 

Aside from using the PlanStudio software to provide your customer with smart, accurate digital floor plans, you have the ability to provide them with online emergency training site specific to their building with PlanSafe.  As of August 2021 we will have a PlanSafe Lite offering that you can provide your customer on a trial basis, allowing them to try out the software and see for themselves just how site specific it is to their needs and how it is unlike anything else on the market – the “vanilla” product that fails to provide what your customer really needs. 

If you haven’t already signed up, as an incentive, we will continue our sign up offer of 25 free signs to get you going.  Remember we don’t throw you in the deep end, we provide you a dedicated technical resource to get you up to speed and confident in using the software. 

What have you got to lose? Don’t be the minority, get on board and make your business more efficient with Locatrix.

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