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We know how challenging it is to protect building occupants and support the legal requirements imposed on your business. We can give you the technology you need to maintain compliance and provide training for the safety and security of people within the built environment.


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About PlanSafe

PlanSafe is our online safety induction and emergency management program. This system provides safety information and training to those within the built environment – namely building owners, employees, contractors, visitors, volunteers and wardens. PlanSafe enables clients to achieve 100% compliance with current Workplace Health and Safety Legislation, and Building Fire Safety Regulations and Australian Standards (AS 3745-2010).

PlanSafe provides users with an online Fire & Evacuation Plan (FEP) plus employee training and reporting features that allow records to be maintained and produced, in keeping with a building occupiers safety compliance obligations.

If you are looking for personalised, interactive, user-friendly and visually-appealing emergency management software, enquire about PlanSafe today.

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Key Features

Few building owners have an online training system that is site-specific. With interactive floor plans that communicate evacuation egress routes, PlanSafe provides a cost and time-efficient way to achieve compliance.

  • Site-specific Instruction

  • Site-specific Emergency Coordination and Organisation instruction

  • Content for WHS procedures

  • Evacuation Diagrams

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  • Hosting of the Safety Management system on Locatrixs secure servers

  • Unlimited use of PlanSafe

  • Present-day fire safety equipment training video

  • All legislative updates to the program

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How Can PlanSafe Help with Your Safety Compliance?

For Building Owners

See how PlanSafe provides building owners with essential safety knowledge and helps them to achieve total compliance.

For Employees

See how PlanSafe can be used to provide essential safety training to employees, and therefore increases the safety of any workplace.

For Wardens

See how wardens can use PlanSafe to supervise and manage emergencies as effectively as possible.

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Form closer relationships with your clients, expand your product offering and identify additional revenue streams. We can show you a new way in floor plan technology.


We offer a range of additional services, including face to face training, fire audit reviews, VR training, evacuation signs and written directional evacuation plans.

Frequently asked Questions

How do I access PlanSafe?

PlanSafe can be accessed via any modern web-browser and almost any device. There is no additional software installation required.

Can I induct contractors?

Yes, contractors or any other worker type can be inducted for any plan.

Is the information provided in PlanSafe site specific?

All content and information hosted in PlanSafe is always specific to each site or building.

Can PlanSafe serve as my Emergency Plan?

PlanSafe represents your site specific Emergency Plan as it hosts all information required. As PlanSafe is hosted in the cloud it serves as the onsite and offsite version of the Emergency Plan.

Can I integrate PlanSafe into a Learning Management System?

Yes, PlanSafe can be integrated into an LMS and supports SCORM.

How do I create user accounts in PlanSafe?

Users can either self-register via the web interface or PlanSafe can be integrated into Active Directory for single sign-on.

How do I update information related to the Emergency Plan?

Information and content related to the actual Emergency Plan (e.g. EPC structure, ECO list) are self-administered. Locatrix can assist with major content changes.

Can I add my own equipment training videos.

Yes, videos can either be embedded in the slide content or as part of the interactive floorplan.

Does PlanSafe have a user reminder functionality?

Yes. User or learners can be reminded automatically once their training is due to expire.

Can I report on building compliance?

Yes, PlanSafe does have a compliance dashboard to report on buildings or user groups.

Can we integrate PlanSafe into LMS/Consultancies??

Yes, PlanSafe allows for full integration with LMS and other consultancies.

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